How to Maximize Your Love Luck in 2024?

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Period 9 is a period where every aspect is volatile. This includes human relationships. As fire is the element that dominates in Period 9, interactions in relationships will be heavily digitized. This impractical form of bonding can translate to brief or unstable relationships. Thus love relationship need higher forms of bolstering for it to be fruitful.

Love is only a word until you give true meaning to it. You want true love that brings happiness in the long run. You want love to shower you all the time so that you can be successful in other aspects of your life. You want to improve your existing love relationship. You do not want to be yearning, suffering from loneliness or alienation. At the same time, you also do not want an outsider third party affair to ruin your exiting union with your partner. It is therefore essential to look thoroughly at all the love sectors in 2024 so as to supercharge the good energies to the greatest extent.

  1. Zheng Tao Hua – is the star that promotes true love from the very beginning that leads to actual marriage in the end. Display the Pink Apple in the north.
  2. Pian Tao Hua – is the star that brings new territories of romance and sexual intimacy. If you want to meet someone new for sex purpose in the beginning and hoping that it can lead to something solid later, this is the star that will help. Display the Tenfold Increase in Love in the West.
  3. Joyful Events – The joyful events sector is where #9 star resides. #9 is originally a happiness star, and its energy is amplified in Period 9. It will enable the ringing of wedding bells once activated. Those who want to tie the knot will need to activate this sector by displaying the Thriving in Period 9 in the southwest. 
  4. Romance sector – is the sector where #4 flies to, that enables new love or to bind an unstable love further. For those who are longing to seek for new romance luck, you can display the Bee on Lotus in the northwest.
  5. Position of Relationship – is the sector where #1 flies to that brings about long term commitment in a relationship and for those who want to resolve unwanted third party relationship. Display the Blissful Love, Career and Health in the east.
  6. Union with Tai Sui – indicates strong influence on relationship because these sectors have special bond with the Tai Sui. The sectors in 2024 are in the north and southwest. Since both these sectors are also visited by other love stars, activating them using the enhancers above will be good enough to stimulate the same influence. 
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