Effective Steps in Doing Up Your Annual Feng Shui in Year of Dragon 2024

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Puzzled and Do Not Know Where to Start?

Life is always better with Feng Shui than without. Therefore, more and more people are embarking on the journey of practicing Feng Shui. New feng shui practitioners are keen, but often do not know where to start. The following steps will help you sort out your priority list on what should come first and what will be next.

Step 1: Protect the Main Door

All types of good luck can only be manifested if your main door is well protected. No matter how excellent the flying stars in your house is or no matter how fortunate the stars are shining on your zodiac, if your main door does not have good feng shui, you cannot benefit anything and the effects will be zero out or becomes negative. Bad feng shui at the maindoor can be caused by external forms, internal forms or invincible forms. If you cannot afford to hire a feng shui master, the easiest to repel away all “shar chi” is to protect your main door with our ready made cures. They will need to be changed every year due to exhaustion. Their energies have to be at tip top all the time. As we march into Period 9, please be sure that all cures at your main door from Period 8 are being disposed as their energies have expired. 

Step 2: Uplift Energy of Your Old Period Homes

Shield against any capacity of negative backlash resulting from substantial energy change to Period 9 for all houses built in other periods. Houses facing any direction that were constructed or last renovated in Period 8 and before will instantly experience a drastic plunge in energy and luck. Flying Stars masters know that those who continue to live in a house of the past period will encounter a dip in fortunes and because of this reason alone would resolute that everyone change the period of their houses. Those who aren’t able to change the period of their houses or are waiting to do so can display the Period 9’s Magic Ho Tu. This classical cure Ho Tu Chilin that incorporates a symbol of the new period’s Phoenix will align your home with the attributes of Period 9, thus countering the downturn in energy.

Step 3: Update Your Household Geomancy

Household geomancy is changed drastically on a yearly basis in terms of its auspicious and sinister directions. A geomantic layout which prospered you last year can put you at stake if remains unadjusted. The direction conducive to you financially last year may play an oppositely negative role this year. The direction giving impetus to your romance boom last year wil convert into a sinister one. First, make sure you are protected against all the odds. Then activate the auspicious areas to draw benefits. Majority of feng shui practitioners always prioritize on the importance of household geomancy. There are some who only focus on this essential step every year and had become very successful already. This step affects every individual living in the same household, therefore no one can go unaffected by the household geomancy. 2024 is an important year to lay the foundations of luck for the next 20 years in Period 9. Therefore, we have incorporated and factored in all the needed enhancements in our annual recommendation, to enable you to kill two birds with one stone!

Step 4: Check on Impact from Tai Sui

The Jupiter Planet (known as Jupiter Star by feng shui practitioners) gives substantial impact due to its massive size. Therefore, the energy from Jupiter Star known as the Tai Sui cannot be ignored. This is why so many would throng temples around the world the beginning of every year to offer prayers to the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) to ensure that their year is not under penalty. First check that your house is not facing or sitting on the Jupiter Star this year, eg in 2024 the direction is in the SOUTHEAST. Next, check that your zodiac is not in conflict with Tai Sui. If you do not appease Tai Sui, you will be facing many challenges no matter how good the feng shui of your house is or how fortunate your zodiac constellation is.

Step 5: Know Upfront What is in Store for Your Zodiac Constellation

Basically there are 12 animals signs that goes in a 12-year cycle. Each person has a sign according to the year you are born in. Knowing the annual zodiac luck is basically a plan to prepare you ahead. If there are challenges, they can be addressed quite easily with cures, therefore do not worry too much as long as you are proactive. If you are ambitious, then tap on the opportunities that are in store for you and take appropriate steps to activate your luck. Grasp the right timing for fortune making. We interpret your zodiac luck from many perspective including overall general outlook, wealth, career, love, health and special warnings. For example, we will guide you on how to make money, how to maintain the happiness of a marriage, whether you are likely to get a promotion and what diseases you are susceptible to and what you should be wary of.

Step 6: Beware of White Tiger and Get Rid of Villains

Never underestimate what villains and troublemakers can do to you. Some can harm your career. Some can harm your relationship. And some can go to the extent of harming your health using black magic. Villains appear in your lives normally due to White Tiger. Some presidents, prime ministers and corporate leaders have been pulled down because of the White Tiger effects.

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