Chinese Astrology: Personalized Feng Shui and Luck Outlook for Zodiacs in 2024

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Chinese astrology places more emphasis on avoidance and being prepared to face possible obstacles annually. The annual predictions are not meant to cause worry to individuals, but instead to remind individuals to be more wary of what is expected for the year ahead and help individuals counter forecasted problems as well as to smoothen your paths ahead. Every year would be an excellent year for you if you know how to remedy your zodiac afflictions and maximize for good luck and prosperity.

We have prepared for you a general outlook for each individual based on your zodiac, which is derived from your year of birth. Individuals will be recommended with feng shui solutions to counter the bad effects as well as to enhance or further strengthen your luck. In addition, we are also introducing to you our annual remedies specially formulated for each zodiac for the year.

**Setting Up Countermeasures and Enhancers**

The art and science of setting up countermeasures to deal with aversive conditions and installing enhancers to improve on existing conditions have become a very important part of a traditional feng shui purist’s knowledge. It is almost impossible not to use countermeasures and enhancers when working with feng shui. Even if you have optimal bazi destiny, the stars of the yearly and monthly cycles change, and you may have to use countermeasures to lessen the impact of destructive effects and enhancers to bolster beneficial influences.Countermeasures deal with aversive conditions. They are designed to help us avoid, dissolve, weaken, or remove destructive energy. While countermeasures are used to neutralize undesirable effects, enhancers are designed to increase desirable effects. Typically, an enhancer is placed in an area to strengthen the energy associated with the benevolent star. Enhancers work in the opposite direction of countermeasures. You ought to know that even if your zodiac is blessed with the top quality first class stars that will support you throughout the year, but this doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a good year if you do not activate the luck with enhancers.

Feng shui purists have always proactively introduce “intervention” to counter the harmful effects of malevolent stars. This makes sense as malevolent stars need “immediate attention”. “Intervention” involves countering the malevolent stars by neutralizing the energy associated with them. Using the knowledge of how the the elements nourish, weaken and destroy each other, it is possible to place objects or artifacts in strategic locations to counter the effects of malevolent stars. The artifacts are carriers of elemental energy, and can be used to lessen or even eliminate the harmful effects brought on by the star’s element.

Staunch traditionalists normally consider the combination of “three factors” when prescribing feng shui countermeasures and enhancers:

  1. Those using esoteric, religious, imagistic, symbolic, iconic or magical remedies.
  2. Those using Form and alignment considerations, by absorbing, blocking or deflecting sha chi.
  3. Those using element interactions to reduce or enhance an element.

Only remedies that encompass all the three factors above are considered as appropriate feng shui remedies that can certainly help to correct or enhance feng shui. All these are “yang cures” and help counter an excess of yin, opposite of yang, darkness, silence and stillness. A practical suggestion is to choose remedies as close as possible to traditional remedies.

Feng Shui Enhancers and Cures Have Souls

For those who had achieved higher spiritual awareness at deeper levels, they would have understood that not only humans, animals and plants have souls. But inanimate objects, symbols and everything else have energy vortexes that are not visible to the naked eye. They possess vibrations of consciousness. If you love your objects, they will love you back. If you doubt, judge or hate them, they will respond with negative results. Therefore to enjoy the desired results, you ought to pulsate with good, happy and pure energy with all your feng shui items so that they can respond positively to your care and nurturing.

How is the analysis done?

The annual analysis for zodiacs will be based on detailed considerations from all angles, failure to do so for any of these will make the analysis rather inaccurate. Usually it is easy to do an analysis based on the first two as described below, but it takes an experienced master who is able to read ancient chinese texts to qualify doing the third, fourth and fifth (this being the reason why many modern aged masters failed to make accurate remedies for some zodiacs for the year):

  1. Position of the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) and afflictions due to Flying Stars Feng Shui.
  2. Interaction of compatibilities and incompatibilities together with allies and secret friend of various zodiac animals for the year.
  3. Influences from annual visiting stars, deities and evils based on Purple Star Astrology.
  4. Recommendations from the ancient Chinese Almanac.
  5. Elemental influence of the year on the zodiac’s pillar.

Summary of Luck Outlook for 12 Chinese Zodiacs

Detailed Luck Analysis for 12 Chinese Zodiacs

For detailed analysis, click on individual zodiac below:

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