The Importance of Protecting the Main Door As Your All-Time-Priority

The front door or the main door, is the most important feature of the house in feng shui. The house gets its “chi” through the front door. The quality of energy that enters the door will determine if good luck flows into the house. The family luck and fortune is therefore determined by the main door. The main door with good Feng Shui can improve the owner’s fortune.

Ideally, it is best that the area outside the front door be flat, open and bright to bring you good luck and fortune. The area outside the front door shall not be uneven or have barriers. If the road outside your main door is getting broader, it suggests that you will have a bright future and your family is likely to ride on the crest of success. Eg. a green field with no blockage in front is the best.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to own a house on a wide piece of open land that has a view unobstructed.

Apartments in Asia usually have their main doors facing ominous objects such as stair, elevator, sharp angled objects, power room, fire hydrant etc.

Landed homes, on the other hand normally have their main doors facing cemeteries/funeral homes, hospitals/convalescent centers, police/firestations, schools/colleges/universities and houses of worship such as churches/mosques/temples. Most of the time, it is also inevitable that lamp post, straight pole, tree and oppressing large building are directly in front of your door. There are also other ominous objects such as sharp angles, corners of buildings and roof ridges.

Depending on the facing direction and the sector the main door is located, the door can also sometimes be afflicted with bad energies from Flying Stars.

If you are an advance feng shui practitioner or have the luxury to hire a feng shui master, you will not have any problem. However, if you do not have trained “feng shui eyes”, then you will need to ensure that your main door is always being protected first. Therefore, you are advised to secure your main door by displaying a Strong Metal 9 Mirrored Bagua above it and have a pair of Lucky Door Plaques to flank each side. If your main door is afflicted by unwanted stars such as #2 or #5, you will need to add the Windchime of Chung Kwei to effectively counter. 

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