Fire Antidote Wulou


Fire Antidote Wulou – Energy Infused
Material: Genuine Citrine Chips; Brass
Color: Yellow Citrine; Matt Brass
Dimension(in): 2.2×2.2×4.1in
Weight: 144g
ID: SL24024

With the ability to rectify the effects of any unwanted fire energy, this special metal cure known as “bi huo long” which translates to “fire averting dragon” is designed in the shape of a smaller wulou stacking onto a larger wulou and features the symbol of dragon. It is an emblem of calming down fire energy, serving as a remedy in situations that require to suppress fire poisons. It has a lid that can be tightened by a screwing mechanism. The power of this cure is further magnified with natural citrine chips filling it. Citrine is dug from earth and is yellow in color. Remember that the yellow color represents earth element. What is more, natural crystals dug from earth possess “earth energy”. Another filler is the 6 Emperor Coins that denotes “Chien Hexagram” which carries the meaning Big Metal and luck from heaven. Last but not least, the “4 Dharmakaya Relic Mantras” as essential mantras that give power and make the ornament holy.

Note: A complimentary ribbon in assorted color and design which may be different from the photo.

This remedy is suitable for situations below:

  1. When the kitchen or fire place is in the Northwest of the house or the stove is in the Northwest corner of a kitchen, this strong remedy suppresses fire and produces metal to restore the metal energy of the northwest. Having the kitchen in the Northwest corner is the most primary rule to watch out for and one of the biggest taboos in feng shui because it signifies “Fire Burning the Heaven’s Gate”. No matter how brilliant the form feng shui or the flying stars combination are, a house with fire in the Northwest destroys it. This translates to extreme hardship befalling the partriarch of the family. That means any man living in this kind of house will have poor reputation, insufficient income, disastrous career and worrying health problems in the future.
  2. This is a remedy for Flying Stars #9-#7 or #7-#9 combinations. The disaster that comes forth is that you have to “return” all your wealth to others, for example your wealth to be depleted in the near future! Since this is a “fire poison”, you have to use earth element to suppress fire.
  3. This is a remedy for fire places and chimneys. Fire places and chimneys turn auspicious sectors to become inauspicious. All you need to do is to display the cure in the vicinity of the mouth of the fireplace or chimney.
  4. This is a remedy for other sources of fire poisons. It can be a television, heater, power bank or a neighboring power station that negatively affects the good energy of a sector.

Note: This cure is energy infused and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Cosmetic Disclaimer
Defect rules built over time: They have high degree of quality gloss finish. But because they are held by tools and shaped through machining from blocks , there could be tiny tool marks or scratches visible under 30cm visual.
Cast brass work experiences high heat process, gas defect, extreme shrinking and rough process steps, therefore they have “common irregularities” on their surfaces. They include blisters, bubbles, shrinkages, cavities, scratch lines, dents, tarnishes, dark spots, oxides etc. They are NOT considered as faulty and therefore are non rejectable. Despite obtaining from factories that provide high brass purity and the best in workmanship that supply only grade A pieces to us, common irregularities are still unavoidable.

Weight 400 g
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