Fortune in Period 9 Bracelet


Fortune in Period 9 Bracelet
Material: Amethyst, Hematite, Tiger Eye, Alloy Elephant
Color: Natural
Dimension(in): 8mm Amethyst Beads
Weight: 27g
ID: SL24003

Consisting of predominantly purple amethyst, this lucky bracelet lays the pillar of success for Period 9. Amethyst has the element fire and water which are two elements that enable success in Period 9. This is because fire is the element of Period 9, while water is the element that is lacking. Purple Amethyst enhances prosperity, creativity, intelligence and passion, thus making you extremely sexy and attractive. The Amethyst is an excellent stone for diplomats, negotiators and business people. It calms angry temperaments and gives a distinct advantage in situations where debating is required. Wear or hold Amethyst to bring in spiritual insights coupled with intellectual reasoning. As a luck and prosperity crystal, the Amethyst is good for reducing the tendency to overspend, gambling addictions or unwise investments. The amethyst is also reputed to control evil thoughts, increase intelligence and render men shrewd in business matters. The Amethyst’s ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one’s creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success.

Also strung along are the hematite and tiger eye which adds to protection being unleashed to the wearer. Last but not least, the elephant symbol is an emblem of good fortune and descendant’s luck.

This bracelet which is suitable for both male and female is free-size and can be easily worn by almost all hand sizes (but best for 7.5inch perimeter as standard) because of its long lasting “expandable-retractable korean string”.

Weight 220 g
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