Military Wealth God on Tiger


Military Wealth God on Tiger – Mantra Inside and Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 3.2×1.5×2.6 in
Weight: 360g
ID: SL22019

To thrive financially during a challenging year, this statue is highly recommended for you. When the tiger is tamed by the Military Wealth Gold (Tsai Shen Yeh) sitting on it, the wealth bringing side of the tiger is manifested while the ferocious side of the tiger is suppressed. The tiger then is brought to the owner’s side as a protector with zero harm. Being the most prominent of all wealth deities, the Military Wealth God blesses one with all kinds of wealth in your favor and outstanding abundance throughout the year. Cai Shen (Military Wealth God) is an honored deity whose popularity is unchallenged throughout the chinese world particularly among tycoons and businessmen in Asia. Wealth is always seen as the result of power or academic success and position. Specially dressed in a mandarin robe of court official and in the head gear that resembles the imperial status, this special representation connotes gaining of wealth in a harmonious, non-tedious and no-conflict manner. The magical multilevel varja weapon enables him to punish all evils and to destroy all ignorance that could lead one from being cheated. He sits on a ferocious tiger, a connotation of wealth, courage and endurance. The chinese believe that the tiger is the “King of Beast” and also regarded it as an auspicious beast with exorcising powers and able to expel evil. The tiger gives him more powerful command over wealth. The tiger follows wherever Cai Shen goes and is addressed as Tiger’s Lord. The tiger is ready to swallow any evil forces, obstacles or negative people who prevent you from gaining wealth. Suitable for homes, business premises, receptions and at cashiers, this beautifully crafted figurine is highly recommended for those who want to seriously multiply your wealth, profit, business opportunities and return.

A secret practice held by many old-style traditional masters is to venerate the Military Wealth God in houses and business premises audited by them. Powerful divine help enables home owners and businessmen to prosper at great speed very rapidly. Businessmen and career minded people wishing to become millionaire or money masters overnight can only have your dreams realized if you honor the Military Wealth God. This will be the answer to gaining the unfair advantage of getting rich easily. Divine help will enable you to anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that can fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook. The type of wealth here refers to both mainstream income and irregular income.

Note: This figurine is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The mantra is filled inside the statue and cannot be opened.

What the Military Wealth God symbolizes and how to place this deity’s figurine?
He is the leader and the most prominent of all wealth deities. Military God of Wealth (General Zhao Kong Ming) gives powerful blessing of good fortune for those doing businesses and taking them seriously. According to Taoist records, originally one of the protectors of Taoism he later played many roles and they are Deity of Plaque, Deity of Kindness, Deity of Wealth, Deity of Black Altar and Deity of Bliss. His duties include taking charge of thunders and storms, guardian of celestial pills, taking charge of sicknesses and disasters elimination, ghost buster and supervision on fair deals in buiness enabling profit making. Taoist records mentioned that whatever business transactions that went through him can be successfully accomplished. Zhao Kong Ming was once a famous general in ancient China. Knowing that he is a righteous, honest and just man, the heaven’s Jade Emperor bestowed him the role of distributing earthly wealth and assisting the earthly man to chase back any bad debts. Hence he is often being worshipped for abundance, prosperity and wealth luck for careers, sales and businesses. For those in business, his presence will ensure all bad debts to be returned without much trouble. Taoist text also described him as having four disciples and each of them having the capability to usher treasures (zhao bao), accumulate preciousness (na zhen), usher wealth (zhao cai) and generate favorable outcome (li shi).

Zhao Kong Ming was once a famous general in ancient China. Knowing that he was a righteous, honest and just man, the heaven’s Jade Emperor bestowed him the role of distributing earthly wealth and assisting mankind to chase back any bad debts owed to them. Hence he is often being worshipped by taoist followers for abundance, prosperity, sales and business luck. For those in business, his presence will ensure all bad debts be returned without any obstacle.

The Military Wealth God is not only capable of creating abundance in wealth, but also protect your existing wealth from being loss:

  1. Display the figurine in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (wealth corner) to activate and enhance your wealth luck. If one suffers from ailing finances due to recession resulting in investment losses, declining assets, joblessness and deteriorating business progress, the figurine will set your bearings right again so that you can regain your pre-recession values. Your financial difficulties will change back into positive cash flow.
  2. Display the figurine facing your entrance so that you can see it as you enter to invite wealth and multiple fortune luck into your homes at chi entry points. The figurine will generate exponential financial growth and wealth at a speedy rate.
  3. Display the figurine in your office and shops to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
  4. Display the figurine in the Northwest sector to activate your financial support luck thus paving way for more money making opportunities. If you have any recent underperforming financial portfolios, the figurine will create a thick layer to cushion any negative impact and put them back into the growth trajectory so that they will not be sluggish. You will emerge unscathed from the worst consequences.
  5. The figurine is a must for successful money masters and tycoons. It becomes the vortex of powerful energy vibes that remind us of money seeking opportunities all the time.

Note: Kindly do not play the figurine on floors, bedrooms, kitchen and toilets.

Weight 550 g
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