Jupiter Pacifying Pi Yao


Jupiter Pacifying Pi Yao – Energy Infused
Material: Brass and Composite
Color: 24K Gold Plated, Red, Multicolored, Gold Flakes
Dimension(in): 2.1×2.1×1.25in Pi Yao; 3.1×3.1×0.2in Base
Weight: 286g
ID: SL21063

A new facelift from another most sellable Pi Yao ornament in the past, it comes with a “Productive Five Element Base”. Known as the Jupiter Planet Pacifying Pi Yao, this special ornament which has Tai Sui’s favorite “pet” playing with planet Jupiter will essentially align the cosmic forces to synchronize with the detrimental vibes of planet Jupiter, thus countermeasuring its negative gravity towards the earth. Red is also the color that is vital to harness protection against the wrath of Jupiter’s energy. It is the best way to gain support of the God of the Year and keeping negative impact away. Simply display this countermeasure in the NE sector of your home as an effective remedy in 2021. Also symbolizing enormous fortune, this unique duo magnetizes wealth and is especially beneficial if the feng shui of the house does not favour making money.

And the secret behind the cure is that the “Tai Sui Incantation” must accompany the Pi Yao for maximum effectiveness. It actually refers to a set of chinese talisman of the Tai Sui. This mantra had been used for centuries to help one overcome the wrath of Tai Sui. This fabulous Pi Yao possesses the ability to transform negative chi into positive, overcome obstacles, prevent annual dangers caused to zodiacs, subdue bad luck, diminish obstructions, combat bodily harm and terminate stress. The Pi Yao is suitable for stimulating growth in business, securing safety for the family, warding off negativities, inviting fortune/wealth, protecting against intangible afflictions, and appeasing the Tai Sui and Sui Po. The Pi Yao is a powerful celestial creature known to absorb all the bad vibes caused by inadvertantly offending the Tai Sui, for example if you cut a tree, dig a hole, hammer a nail or unavoidably disturb the Tai Sui corner. It is common for feng shui enthusiasts to invite the pi yao to grow wealth for the household while using them to appease the Tai Sui wrath. Yes, it is like killing two birds with one stone. The position of Tai Sui in 2024 is at SOUTHEAST 1 ranging from 112.6 to 127.5 degrees. The direction opposite where he is sitting will be the NORTHWEST 1ranging from 292.6 to 307.5 degrees.

Note: This Pi Yao is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Productive 5 Element Plate
A catalyst for reaction, the plate boosts the energy of any feng shui artifact placed on top of it. It enables the artifact to interact well and form an equilibrium with its surrounding.

The “productive mode” of 5 Elements holds the key to effectively balance weak or missing elements of a space when it goes out of sync, and thus remedying elemental conflicts and imbalances.

At the center of the plate is the symbol of Big Dipper (a.k.a. Northern Stars). The Big Dipper is said to arrange the fate of everyone, be it good or bad. Also known as Northern Polar Stars, the cluster controls and handles the world’s fortune. Taoists place high importance in Big Dipper’s power. In addition to that, the Big Dipper can be used as a good measure of four seasons.

Next, the 4 Celestial Guardians are an essential remedy for form and landscape feng shui (“luan tou”). Popularly known, the four celestial guardians are the green dragon, white tiger, black xuan wu and red phoenix, each guarding one cardinal direction (north, east, south and west). Displaying them symbolically in their own directions will watch over and balance the “chi” of the cardinal directions of your property. A fundamental requirement, a balanced “luan tou” is the basic that will prepare you towards doing up the feng shui and preparing for the well-being of the occupants. When all directions are in harmony, it encourages the dragon’s breathe (lung chi) to settle, thus creating an inflow of auspicious energy. They will also look after family safety, prevent dangers and regulate your career, wealth, health, power and fame. They are also essential to correct any external landscape problems and internal missing corners.

In addition, the magical symbols of yin-yang are capable to provide “rebalancing” to ones life. “Rebalancing” means flushing out of obstacles and unwanted bad luck so that one’s actual cycle of luck could ripe naturally! It will help you capture good luck without missing it again.

The plate is consecrated with the mantras of 4 Heavenly Kings. Having great control over the cosmic elements of each of the four directions North, South, East and West, the “Cosmic Protectors” pulverize all negative forces and clear blocked pathways.

Below the plate captures the Bagua Horoscope, which provides powerful protection and safeguard against numerous dangers for all the 12 zodiacs, especially if the year is not a good one. It combines 2 potent symbols of protection: 8 trigrams of the bagua and 12 earthly branches of animal zodiacs.


Weight 500 g
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