5-inch Axe


5-inch Axe
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 5.2×2.1×0.25 in
Dimensional Weight: 116g
ID: SL21006

Categorized as a DESTRUCTOR countermeasure against destructive energy, the bronze axe in feng shui is used for protection to combat ominous and hostile energy from external trees, branches, plants and any poison arrows made from wood. If any of your door, window or chi entry point faces a tree, branches, or an inauspicious plant, that particular room is subjected to hostile “shar chi” and individuals of that room will be affected. If it is the main door facing any of them, the entire house is subjected to hostile “shar chi” and the whole family is affected. This item can withstand tough weather conditions if displayed outdoor. The chinese characters of an axe “Fu Tou” is analogous to Fu which expresses the meaning of good luck. Therefore, it is believed that displaying an axe at home is synonymous to bringing infinite good luck, happiness and fortune. The chinese wordings on the axe implies the meaning “one chop combatting 100 types of misfortune”, “disabling evil doings” and “safety all the time”.

A tree
A tree turns into a source of “shar chi” when facing any of your chi entry points, especially at your main door, balcony or main window. If not countermeasured, it can result in poor business, lost of wealth, bankruptcy, magnified obstacles, accidents, sickness, depression, psychological effects, or even death in household or an office. For example, you may hang this axe at the door handle outside the door that is facing a tree. As for clear windows, one can hang it on a suction cup hook either on the inside (if elevated living) or outside (if ground floor) of the window.

Weight 400 g


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