6.6-in Solid Coin Sword


6.6-in Solid Coin Sword
Material: Solid Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 6.6×2.3×0.1in
Weight: 75g
ID: SL18019

Ancient coins have significant importance in binding heaven and earth. Ancient chinese coins when strung together by red string to form a short sword is a popular talisman for centuries. Initially used as a wrathful implement in Taoist Exorcism to perform heavenly spells to resolve disasters, epidemics, ward off evil spirits and black magic, it is later being applied in feng shui to combat killing breath (“shar chi”) caused by poor forms and evil stars. San He school of feng shui commonly use the coin sword to combat the 3-Killings. Meanwhile, San Yuan school of feng shui commonly use the coin sword to ward off #5 Fatal Yellow Star and #2 Illness Black Star. The coin sword is favored by feng shui masters because of its strong metal element, its prosperity connotation and its shape of a wrathful weapon. One can also display the coinsword to protect against enemies, tragedies and disasters. This heavy coin sword is molded in one solid bronze piece and has the advantage of not having multiple coins tied together by a red string. Without the red string, traditional feng shui practitioners consider this form of coin sword to be “pure metal”. The other benefit is that it can be thrown into an “anrensui salt water cure” in situations when normal coins cannot work properly to fight earth energies of #5 Yellow or #2 Black. This is also a strong cure for the kitchen when #5 Yellow meets with 3-Killings to create “double disaster” by fire energy in the kitchen.

Display Suggestions

  1. Besides attracting wealth, you may protect the entire family from harm, be it physical, financial or political harm with the coin sword. It is effective in dispelling disaster, burglary, evil, harmful people, financial loss, lawsuit, triad threat and mishap. This is can done by displaying the coin sword in your living room with its tip pointing towards the main door.
  2. Coin Sword can activate powerful mentor luck and helpful people to support your business or career when displayed in the Northwest direction.
  3. You can counter gossips and office politics by displaying the coin sword on your office table.
  4. You can display the coin sword in directions that have negative energies or evil energies such as directions of 3-Killings, 5-Yellow and 2-Illness.
Weight 400 g
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