5.3in Strong Metal Energy “Early Heaven Bagua”


5.3in Strong Metal Energy “Early Heaven Bagua”
Material: Solid Brass
Color: Natural Brass
Dimension(in): 5.3×0.1×5.3in
Weight: 190g

This traditional style bagua was designed and custom made for a famous feng shui school (practising San He Classical Feng Shui) based in China. The master claimed that this bagua possess superior power in expelling all forms of shar poison arrows, evil energy and negative forces because it is made from pure heavy brass in specific dimensions. This bagua has a few special characteristics:

  1. It is made from brass with natural golden brass finishing. This golden brass finishing is said to enable it to expel evil spirits.
  2. Its trigrams embossed belongs to the “early heaven arrangement”.
  3. There is a flat mirror in the center protruding out to repel shar chi.
  4. There is a special Taoist Magic Incantation Talisman behind the bagua to activate the bagua.

This bagua is recommended for Classical Feng Shui practitioners to be used to neutralize poison arrows and remove negative influences including evil spirits and in turn brings safety. It is also suitable for maindoors that have #3 and #5 in their natal chart of flying stars.

What this special Bagua symbolizes?
The bagua is used massively in “Form School of Feng Shui”, which was the first and oldest feng shui school dating back to Song Dynasty (AD960-1279). Form School of Feng Shui which is the basis of all schools of feng shui overides other school of thoughts when certain shapes and formation in an environment is not in a desirable mode. This bagua has the eight trigrams marked around the outside and the round mirror in the center and is used to neutralize any unknown effects of external influences to create perfection in feng shui for homes.

Eight Trigrams (derived from I-Ching or known as Book of Changes) is the pattern of change in our universe and its energy were formulated, with their transformation, events and evolution of mother nature recorded diagramically in the form of solid (yang) and (yin) lines called trigrams. These natural events affect our health, livelihood, and relationships.

The eight fundamental trigrams

Beware! Baguas can only be placed outdoor. Baguas placed indoor can be deadly and harmful to us. Baguas should be displayed at the points of “entry of chi” into homes such as at the exterior portion of doors and windows:

  1. Baguas are useful to prevent bad luck caused by “killing chi”, if our homes have main doors or windows facing cemeteries/funeral homes, hospitals/convalescent centers, police/firestations, schools/colleges/universities and houses of worship such as churches/mosques/temples.
  2. Baguas can also repel evil spirits, negative energies and harmful forces when displayed above main doors.
  3. Baguas can also diffuse killing chi (poison arrows) exerted from a lamp post, a straight pole, a tree and a large building too close in front of your house.
  4. Baguas are best to remedy killing chi (poison arrows) coming from sharp angles, corners of buildings and roof ridges of your neighbours pointing at your front doors.
  5. Baguas cure continuous rushing chi at a T-intersection, for example a street that ends at your front yard with on-coming traffic heading straight towards your house.
  6. Baguas can nourish any unknown harmful chi that comes into our homes through the maindoor. Feng shui is rarely static. The quality of chi can be dynamically changed with changes of the environment or the time dimension.

Cosmetic Disclaimer
Defect rules built over time: They have high degree of quality gloss finish. But because they are held by tools and shaped through machining from blocks , there could be tiny tool marks or scratches visible under 30cm visual.
Cast brass work experiences high heat process, gas defect, extreme shrinking and rough process steps, therefore they have “common irregularities” on their surfaces. They include blisters, bubbles, shrinkages, cavities, scratch lines, dents, tarnishes, dark spots, oxides etc. They are NOT considered as faulty and therefore are non rejectable. Despite obtaining from factories that provide high brass purity and the best in workmanship that supply only grade A pieces to us, common irregularities are still unavoidable.

Weight 500 g
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