Prosper Every Season – Infinity Magpies (XL)


Prosper Every Season (Infinity Magpies) – Energy Infused
Material: Exotic Material
Color: Greenish Yellow Glaze
Dimension(in): 6.3×3.4×8.5inin
Weight: 980g
ID: SL17002

Having a good harvest every season is the most gratifying and happiest thing. The magpie is considered as a messenger bird that brings good tidings and news. This ornament denotes the “magpies on the plum branch” (xi shang mei shao) which expresses the meaning “happiness up to one’s eyebrows”. This expression means “extremely joyous”. Crafted immaculately in the shape of an abstract “infinity symbol”, the “Power of Infinite 8” signifies many endless good tidings leading to bountiful fortune, love and career. Chinese have used this symbol abundantly for over 2000 years in the form of number “8” and it is probably the most supreme number of all. In feng shui, it is a major prosperity number. “8” means “fatt” (prosper) in cantonese. Denoting wealth supremacy, this”wealth accelerator” will accelerate your wealth luck explosively and rapidly. The energies of wealth activated refer to both “mainstream income” and “irregular income”. It promises sustainable and favorable career/business. It also paves way for new avenues of elective incomes where you can earn extra money through investments, unlocking a solid source of inexhaustible passive income, leading you to a rich and wealthy life. Under the brilliance of this supreme symbol, a leap of fortune awaits you.

Note: The ornament has been consecrated and empowered with the “4 Dharmakaya Relic Mantras” and concealed inside the statue. This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What the “Magpies” and “Power of Infinite Eight” symbolizes and how to place this object?
A magpie (xi que) is frequently used to symbolize “happiness” because the first character xi is the same word as happy (xi). Two magpies facing each other symbolize “double happiness” (shuang xi). In ancient china, it is believed that the the presence of magpie brought happiness and unlimited opportunities, and is considered as an auspicious omen. You will succeed in finding a new job, starting a new venture, finding a new love, getting rich, getting children, obtaining recovery from illness, finding popularity, passing examinations and getting promotion if you see the magpie in your home or living space.The magpie is also the best means of connecting and strengthening the love relationship for those lovers who live far apart, facing all sorts of resistance and experiencing objections from family members. The magpie is known as the “bird of happiness” and have been regarded as the bird that connects earth to heaven. A famous epic from China mentioned that magpies formed a bridge by arranging themselves like a flight of stairs to enable the meeting of a farmer who fell in love with a fairy of the Jade Emperor in the heaven. In this story, the farmer Chien Niu fell in love with a fairy Chih Nu while she was visiting earth. They got married secretly, but soon the Jade Emperor and Empress of heaven found out and separated the two. However, they strong affection and genuine love for each other had touched the heart of the Jade Emperor. Therefore, they are granted to meet each other once a year on 7th day of 7th lunar moon every year. It is said that on this day, no magpies could be seen anywhere because they will flock together hovering to form a bridge from earth to heaven. That is why it is said to be the bird that connects earth to heaven and also the bird that promotes love affair.

The “Power of Infinite 8” is related to a few possible positive meanings. It could mean “without end”, “the largest possible number”, “furthest possible distance” or “bigger than the biggest that you can think of”. It simply links to “unboundedness” or “no limit”. In philosophy, infinity can be attributed to space and time which is very much attached to Feng Shui philosophy as well. Often philosophers link the symbol to “ultimate”, “absolute” or even “God”. It usually represents a sense of being without any constraint. Chinese have used this symbol abundantly for over 2000 years as in number “8” and it is probably the most wanted number of all. “8” means “fatt” (prosper) in Chinese. It also make up the buddhist mystic knot. In Hong Kong where Feng Shui is widely practised, if you ever open a bank account, one will only receive an account number that ends with the number “8” to signify fortunate outcome. Those displaying this powerful symbol will have the influence of the power of 8 and thus enjoy endless good luck and happiness.

This powerful fortune emblem can be displayed in the following locations:

  1. Display it in your personal sheng chi direction to attain overall success.
  2. Display it in prominent areas of your living rooms, family rooms, reception, dining, cashier’s counter or even bedrooms to increase your wealth luck and windfall luck for the entire family.
  3. Display it in the southeast to create maximum wealth luck and windfall luck.
  4. Display it on your work desk to enhance your career luck. This applies for bosses, managers and employees. The emblem promises to create a difference between you and your peers enabling you to stay more competitive.
  5. Display it in your personal nien yen direction or southwest direction to invoke undying true love that is everlasting.
  6. Display it in the east to bring in good fortune to your whole family throughout Period 8 (2004-2023).
Weight 2500 g
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