4″ Traditional Gold Leafed Xuan Wu


4″ Traditional Gold Leafed Xuan Wu  – LIMITED EDITION
Material: Earth Material
Color:Gold Leaf; Colorful
Dimension(in): 2.3x2x4.3in
Weight: 265g
ID: SL15087

This traditional styled statue of Xuan Wu Deity mimics the authentic ones you find at prayer altars of ancient chinese temples across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. The stunning statue is hand-painted and gold leafed in great details. Lord Xuan Wu (also called The Dark Lord of the North or The Lord of True Martiality) is one of the most widely revered Chinese deities, ranking in popularity behind only Guan Yin and Kwan Kung. The deity is always depicted holding a magical sword, which he borrowed from one of the 8-Immortals named Lu Dong-Pin. Legend says that he borrowed the magical sword to beat off a powerful devil, and after he was successful, he refused to return the sword back to Lu Dong-Pin. If his palm opens, then his sword will automatically fly back to Lu Dong-Pin. Therefore he always hold this sword tightly, not wanting to let it go. Lord Xuan Wu is also always depicted with a tortoise and a snake, beneath his feet. He is revered as a powerful God, able to control the elements (worshipped by those wishing to avoid fires), and capable of great magic. He is particularly revered by martial artists, and is the ‘patron saint’ of Wudang Mountain in China’s Hubei Province, where he attained immortality.

The Xuan Wu deity has powerful control over five elements therefore can help to remedy a lot of problems caused by it in feng shui. For example, if one is living in a Period 7 house can display his figurine in the living room to reduce the bad implications caused by the Violent Star #7. This will not only prevent floods and fires, malefactors, lawsuits, robberies and theft, but will also usher in prosperity and career luck. Those who wants to reduce the fire hazards can also display his figurine in the living room or in the director’s office. Also this deity is particular important to those in the tourism, fishery and transport industries.

The Xuan Wu is also considered as a Wealth God, and is recommended displayed in the following areas:

  1. To magnify your wealth luck, display his figurine in your sheng chi direction, SE universal wealth corner and water star-8 location in your home or workplace.
  2. Display his figurine in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (wealth corner) to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
  3. Display his figurine facing your entrance so that you can see him as you enter to invite wealth and multiple fortune luck into your homes at chi entry points. This is said to help transform all forms of chi to become prosperity chi.
  4. Display his figurine in your office and shops to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.

Note: Kindly do not display this deity in kitchen, on the floor and in toilet areas. He must be treated with highest respect.

Weight 850 g
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