Magical Flywhisk


Magical Flywhisk – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Electro Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 0.5×0.5×7.2in flywhisk; 1.75×1.75×1.6in Acrylic Stand; 4.5×5.5in pouch
Weight: 80g
ID: SL15022

Stunningly inspiring, the magnificent Flywhisk is a magical implement to cast magical powers to swipe away negativities and afflictions. It is an essential emblem of protection, aura polishing, life force enhancing and space clearing. The positive programming performed by the flywhisk is of the best kind, as it create invinsible aura without you even realizing. When your aura is polished to neutral state, good luck can manifest. It helps to conserve and harness good energy in order for you to reap rewards easily. As such, you will be able to take things easier and in a more relaxed manner. Your inner spirit will be nurtured to give you a strong pillar of support that you need. It also boosts vitality so that you will not be easily susceptible to spirit harm which can cause you a troubled, quarrelsome, hostile, sick and injury prone life. It will also remove the aura of intimidation that turns people off and increase your success luck. Good life force gives the courage to strike out undauntedly, taking on new challenges and moving into uncharted waters. It will shrug off obstacles with the kind of nonchalance that only strong people have. When any number of storms and hiccups are removed, your career, wealth, health and relationship will eventually become more promising. Smooth flowing winds, abundance and fortune will start to blow to your direction again. You can carry along the flywhisk with you to overcome any number of problems or park it in the direction that hints trouble. This holy object can also be offered to pay respects to deities.

Note: The gold ceramic lotus will not be included with the item. It is only for photography purpose. This item is energy infused and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. A pouch is provided for you to carry along the flywhisk. An embroidered stand is also provided for you to recharge or park the flywhisk when you return home.

About the Flywhisk
The flywhisk is the emblem of royalty in the beginning. It was employed to fan the monarch and drive away flying insects in a non-harming way. In Tibet, the fly whisk is a tantric symbolic device used to repel or drive away obstacles to enlightenment; just as one would swap away disturbing flies. Denoted as a symbol of protection, early Buddhism considered the flywhisk as an emblem of the Buddha’s sovereignty in representation of eight auspicious objects and compassionate activity. It is also the hand-held attribute of many Buddhist and Taoist deities, including the Lady of Nine Heavens and the Eight Immortals. Apart from casting magic, this implement is used to confer blessings by touching it to the heads of Buddhist and Taoist followers. It also represents the symbolic “sweeping” of ignorance and mental afflictions. It was later incorporated into symbolic Vajrayana weapons, such as the trident and spear. Taoist sages cast special magical powers with the flywhisk. The flywhisk once became the symbol of grace and elegance where it became a fashion accessory carried by both men and women. Back in 1723, one of the three most powerful emperor in the Ching Dynasty, Yong Cheng had a portrait of him holding the flywhisk painted. Layman use the flywhisk to fan away earthly troubles and worries.

Bad aura and low life force
When a person experiences suppressed aura, you will fail to radiate with bright energy. The aura is usually suppressed when ones life force and spirit essence is weak. This can be due to a few reasons, such as the down cycle of an individual’s fortune, pesky stars appearing in ones annual zodiac luck, poor feng shui of the surrounding and absorbing bad energies from “yin” places(hospital/funeral parlors/graveyards etc). Radiance and vitality is low. An invisible form of “dark cloud” will be encircling your forehead which is not tangible to untrained eyes. Reacting negatively to almost everything, it blocks you from reaching the peak and prevents you from achieving anything fruitful. Your instincts no longer give success. Failures and troubles arise from every aspect of your life. Everything seems unfavorable and unlucky. At its peak, you will suffer from lethal and hostile killing forces.

Weight 500 g
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