4.75″ Relic Pagoda (Container for relics)


4.75″ Relic Pagoda (Container for relics)
Material: Solid brass and perspex
Color: Natural brass and clear perspex
2.3×2.3×4.75in entire pagoda;
1in opening and 0.5in depth for center perspex;
1in opening and 0.5in depth for hole in the brass base
Weight: 400g
ID: SL12111

The Relic Pagoda (container of relics) is universally used to store sacred relics found in ashes of highly enlightened buddhist spiritual masters or Buddhas. When a spiritual master dies and is cremated, beautiful pearl-like cyrstals, which the TIbetans call “ringsel”, are sometimes found among the ashes established by enlightened beings with great compassion. The ringsel embody the spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom and are deliberately produced by the master at his death, a product of realisation. Only lucky people can obtain sacred relics that cannot be purchased, but usually passed down by spiritual masters. The relic pagoda is normally placed at the altar of a temple or home in front of the Buddha’s image or sacred prayer areas. By circumambulating, prostrating and making offerings, you gain more merit. With a mass that weighs heavier than usual, this superior masterpiece is manually machined tediously by hand from a solid block of high quality brass and not molded. It can be dismantled and assembled into a multi-tier structure. The high quality perspex will make the relics visible to you all the time, making it helpful to view relics that can sometimes multiply with time. Some people also use the Relic Pagoda to store Buddha pendants, especially those potently made from sacred ashes of highly achieved monks. The presence of the Relic Pagoda that stores either the relic or Buddha pendants bring ultimate blessings to homes and positive energies.

FRAGILE: Made partially by perspex at the center with a heavy base at the bottom, this pagoda must be held and supported at the base and NEVER at the neck or at the upper half to prevent it from breaking apart.

Weight 800 g
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