Double Happiness Magpies (Large)


Double Happiness Magpies (X-LARGE)
Material: Exotic Synthetic Material
Color: Translucent Red and Gold
Dimension(in): 4.5x2x5.5 in
Weight: 600g
ID: SL11920

The magpie is known as the “bird of happiness” and have been regarded as the bird that connects earth to heaven. A famous epic from China mentioned that magpies formed a bridge by arranging themselves like a flight of stairs to enable the meeting of a farmer who fell in love with a fairy of the Jade Emperor in the heaven. In this story, the farmer Chien Niu fell in love with a fairy Chih Nu while she was visiting earth. They got married secretly, but soon the Jade Emperor and Empress of heaven found out and separated the two. However, they strong affection and genuine love for each other had touched the heart of the Jade Emperor. Therefore, they are granted to meet each other once a year on 7th day of 7th lunar moon every year. It is said that on this day, no magpies could be seen anywhere because they will flock together hovering to form a bridge from earth to heaven. That is why it is said to be the bird that connects earth to heaven and also the bird that promotes love affair.

In ancient china, it is believed that the the presence of magpie brought happiness and unlimited opportunities, and is considered as an auspicious omen. You will succeed in finding a new job, starting a new venture, finding a new love, getting rich, getting children, obtaining recovery from illness, finding popularity, passing examinations and getting promotion if you see the magpie in your home or living space.The magpie is also the best means of connecting and strengthening the love relationship for those lovers who live far apart, facing all sorts of resistance and experiencing objections from family members. On the other hand the lotus root signifies hard-to-be-torn apart relationship and is best suited for couples who often breakup and reconcile finally achieve a stable relationship. They will make your relationship work for you.

Meanwhile, the upright standing double happiness symbol, composed of two Chinese characters for “happiness” arranged side by side, is a time-honored symbol of marriage and conjugal happiness and reputed to be the most famous. If you look carefully, the two characters are linked together by two lines, which signify the inseparable bond between the lovers. The double happiness symbol is used to enhance spiritual and physical love between two people; ideal for men or women searching for love, already in love or maintaining a steady relationships or marriage. The double happiness symbol will help you if you are looking for a romantic partnership or wanting your romance to become more serious. It will keep third party at bay and smoothen the path of romance. For couples who have been married for a long time, the double happiness symbol helps to renew their passion and love for each other.

Place this birds of happiness in the following areas to energize different types of luck:

  1. Display the magpies in the living room facing inwards as it has just arrived from the maindoor to bring in happiness and realize all your goals.
  2. For those seeking for riches, good opportunities and success in career, display it in your sheng chi direction to bring good tidings and results. You can also place the magpies at your workdesk.
  3. For those who are struggling to maintain their long distance love relationship or relationship that is facing many obstacles, display these magpies in your personal nien yen direction and in the SW corner of your bedroom to strengthen the love energy and prevent it from being devastated.
  4. The magpies being a type of bird is also great to be placed in the south to bring you much fame, popularity and recognition.
  5. For those wishing to pass their examinations with flying colors, one can place this bird of happiness with you all the time during your studies or at your study desk.
Weight 1200 g
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