6″ Meditating Buddha


Meditating Buddha (6-inches)
Material: Earth Material
Color: White
Dimension(in): 4.8x3x5.8 in
Weight: 510g
ID: SL11868

The creation of this masterpiece is said to be inspired by a German designer. The statue is certainly a miracle to restore to life the Buddha, celebrating the stunning physics of the Buddha who is handsome, good-looking, and pleasing to the eye. Remember that Buddha is believed by Buddhists to have “the 32 Signs of the Great Man” and His true appearance was in actual fact perfect in god-like form. A modern interpretation of universal loving kindness and enlightenment, the statue radiates calmness and serenity. Inviting the statue of the Buddha home is said to cast a brilliant aura of cosmic intensity over the home and transform the home into a peaceful sanctuary of celestial peace and harmony. When displayed as a highly respected decorative, the statue creates an incredible ambience to your space. Alternatively, when consecrated by three holy monks, the statue can be worshipped at the prayer altar.

Weight 1200 g
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