Peacock King Subduing 5-Yellow


Peacock King Subduing 5-Yellow – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 4.4×4.4×0.1in Plaque; 1.1in each Disc; Total 4.4×0.1×14in
Weight: 186g
ID: 23-AM-03

Availability: In stock

Peacock becomes a vital symbol in period 9. Being the most promising cure guaranteed to safeguard ones entire family from the wrath of Fatal Star #5 or Illness Star #2, the Hundred Peacock Heavenly Doctor is an extremely strong diminisher against monthly ill winds, all forms of deadly viruses and serious illnesses. Besides improving ones immune system and removing “yin parasites” (as a result of the act of evil spirits), it brings about good health and protects the body from any harm. The salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

  1. Peacock King Bodhisattva Mahamayuri – Sitted on the peacock, she is capable of eliminating poisonous harm and malignant diseases. Her peacock is believed to be efficacious in all cases of dangers as well as for relieving poisonous harms. Many cancer patients are reciting her mantras daily for relief and easing their diseases. Some have benefitted with recovery due to her curative powers. Her vehicle is a peacock. The peacock is traditionally known as the enemy of poisonous creatures, such as the snake and scorpion. The beautiful colors and train plumage of the peacock represents the transmutation of these poisons into nectar of widsom or accomplishments. The peacock thrives on poison like bodhisattva thrives on negativy. The peacock lives in forests with poisonous plants, it eats the poisonous plants that no other animals can eat, and instead of being poisoned, the peacock transforms the poisons it eats into beautiful, colorful and vibrant plumage and thrive.
  2. A Hundred Peacocks – 100 peacock ensures 100% effectiveness in beneficial curing energy. In feng shui, ONE HUNDRED represents the maximum magnifier. Summing up to 100 peacocks in total, this powerful cure prevents harmful nagas (believed to be the main cause of all illnesses and epidemics) from stealing away one’s life force and causing diseases. It is a strong diminisher against monthly ill winds, all forms of deadly viruses and serious illnesses. The magnification is exactly what is needed to powerfully subdue the Illness Star #2.
  3. Long mantra called the “Exalted Mantra King of Great Breath” is the anecdote to diseases sent out by the breath of the great lord of all the spirits of all 3 continents called Grinning Teeth (sekpa). All humans and spirits living in the world may contract various sicknesses and having their lives taken away once the destructive breath fills up the whole world and touches sentient beings. Whenever the mantra is worn, touched or kept, sentiant beings will not be harmed by the breath, protecting you against contagious diseases (including the infamous Ebola), receiving no harm or sicknesses (tongney) from wind, bile, phlegm etc. This is a must have if you are getting on board a flight or travelling to contagious countries
  4. Six Dragon Discs (Longbi) – Traditionally, the dragon symbol is superior as countermeasure against earth energies from Fatal Star #5 as well as Illness Star #2, while the Mantra of Peacock King behind the disc empower them further. A longbi refers to a dragon disc. Only an emperor was allowed and laymen were forbidden to carry it because the royals wanted to reserve its powers for the emperor’s own benefits. Upon discovering its potency, it later became a traditional remedy used by old style feng shui masters to cure misfortunes. When one touches the longbi, it will ease your efforts in having a full grip and control over your fortune and luck. It has the ability to transform negative chi into positive, overcome obstacles, prevent annual dangers caused to any zodiac, subdue bad luck, combat bodily harm and terminate stress. The quantity of six has the same meaning with amulets that are tied with 6 Emperor Coins to complete the CHIEN HEXAGRAM (BIG METAL).

This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. The item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Where to Display?

  1. It can effectively subdue the fatal effects of 5-Yellow star (bringing mishaps, death, accidents, big losses) if your maindoor is facing this direction. If you invite Peacock King into your house, irrespective of where the 5-Yellow is in any year, he will be able to protect the entire family.
  2. Display it in the sector of the living room or home, bedroom, vicinity of main door or doors afflicted by annual #5 Yellow or #2 Black. These stars are especially more detrimental if the house is facing their directions.
  3. Display it where extremely bad combinations of stars occur such as 5-7-9, 5-5-9, 2-5-9 etc or vice versa. These are extremely fatal situations that need a strong countermeasure like Peacock King.
  4. Display it in the bedroom to create protective shielding of aura against illnesses, to heal ailments/sickness and to rejuvenate the energy of sick people.
  5. Display it in the sectors hosted by mountain star#2/#5 or water star#2/#5 according to the natal flying star chart of your house.
  6. Display it in the east sector of your living room, family room and dining for the benefit of the entire family.
  7. Display it at your workdesk to eliminate illness chi from harming you.
Weight 500 g


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