Nine Amethyst Phoenix Amulet


Nine Amethyst Phoenix Amulet
Material: Natural Amethyst and Immitation Liuli
Color: Natural Amethyst
Dimension(in): 2×1.2×2.6in phoenix; 10mm amethyst, 13 in length
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11591

The Phoenix is associated to true happiness, social luck and fame. On the other hand, the amethyst natural crystal is purple in color which is strong in fire energy and when in nine pieces is capable to activate strong fame luck and attractiveness. One may also activate the south corner’s fire element with this Nine Amethyst Phoenix if you are seeking for recognition luck, fame and popularity. The fiery amulet brings joyous occasions such as child birth, fame luck, popularity, recogntion, promotion, marriage luck, favorable investment yields, good support from benefactors and property revenues.

What the Phoenix symbolizes?
Phoenix is the goddess of all the winged creatures. Phoenix displayed by itself without the dragon gives “yang” energy. This heavenly bird will harvest opportunity luck, success and prosperity. The Phoenix surprises people by turning bad luck into good luck. It would mysteriously carve out path of opportunities to your business, work, career or all other pursuits of your life. Since it is associated to the south corner, its presence brings you fame and popularity. It would bring out the excellent side of the female. It can even remove quarrelsome energy of a kindling relationship with the fiery energy of the Phoenix.The perfect item as well for the single female or bachelor looking to find true love.

Put together with Dragon, the Dragon and Phoenix is the symbol of ultimate yin and yang and perfect feng shui. The Dragon is symbol of male vigour and fertility. The Phoenix symbolizes yin splendour and female beauty. They represent fruitful marriage blessed with a great deal of success and prosperity as well as many offsprings, and the beginning of a dynastic family.

The Phoenix is a must for those seeking for opportunities, fame, popularity and successes linked to popularity:

  1. Display in the Southwest corner to favour Matriarch luck and to favor love and relationship. When displayed together with the symbol of peony, it amplifies the creation of young lovers or couples.
  2. For those in the showbiz, politics or craving for fame and popularity, display this symbol in the south corner of your house and let lights shine on it. Display it high up in the living room where it can stand in splendour. The presence of Phoenix is important to assist a person who desires to be selected or elected for an important event, new role, promotion and important position. Displaying the phoenix in the south also magnifies wealth and abundance.
  3. For bachelor women and men seeking for love and marriage, display it in your nien yen direction according to your kua number.
  4. Hang this nine amethyst phoenix in the south to activate for fame, recognition and popularity luck.
  5. Hang this nine amethyst phoenix in the location where Purple star #9 is in both your natal and annual flying star chart to activate your long term wealth and prosperity that can last in future.
  6. One may hang the nine amethyst phoenix to activate the annual Purple Star #9 for long term wealth luck and money flow.
  7. For those who are seeking for romance and love luck, you can increase your chances of getting it by activating your personal “Tao Hua Luck”. Hang it in your personal Tao Hua direction. It is also suitable to fire up the SW universal love corner with the 9 Amethyst to catalyze new love.
Weight 220 g


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