Four Heavenly Kings Silver Strip/Ruler (9 Inches)


Four Heavenly Kings Silver Strip/Ruler (9 Inches)
Material: Brass
Color: Silver
Dimension(in): 0.9x9x0.2 in each
Weight: 150g
ID: SL10896

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

This strong and heavy silver strip has the images of the Four Heavenly Kings on it. Silver is being rated second to gold in terms of preciousness and strength in metal energy. Unless one can afford gold strips, this is definitely going to be enough for feng shui use. The Four Heavenly Kings are very popular among those who practice feng shui, especially those who reside in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, even the four most popular singing idols were nicknamed after them to provide powerful protection for the entertainment business in Hong Kong in the nineties. Their names alone create incredible aura and auspiciousness to the surrounding. In Buddhism, they are known as guardians against the wicked and evil. Their main duty is to protect the heaven from havoc and their images are popular in main shrines of all temples. Their presence would powerfully kill off negative chi, harmful evil spirits and bad influences. Feng Shui Masters in Hong Kong especially like to recommend their presence in the living hall to protect against any harmful people, robbery and mishaps.

What Four Heavenly Kings symbolizes and where to display the silver strip?
The Four Heavenly Kings were four Indian brothers and later worshipped as protecting deities of Buddhist sanctuaries. Their presence in your surrouding will cure any wicked energy coming your way. For those who feels there is evil energy in the surroundings, their presence will provide you with relief. All negative forces will stay under control with their presence.

Their supernatural powers are being produced by their four powerful weapons which could change climates and trumble the earth:
North Heavenly King (Mo-Li Shou) guards the north. He has a black face and he carries along an evil eating creature and sometimes a snake to kill devils. He sometimes also carry a pearl on his hand.

East Heavenly King (Mo Li Ch’ing) guards the east. He has a white face with ferocious expression. He carries a magic sword. He is able to produce black wind that produces tens of thousands of spears to turn evil spirits into dust

South Heavenly King (Mo-Li Hung) guards the south. He has a red face and holds a magical umbrella. This umbrella can produce thunderstorms and earthquakes during battle with demons.

West Heavenly King (Mo-Li Hai) guards the west. He has a blue face and carries a chinese magical “pi-pah” (musical instrument like a guitar) where the sounds of it could put evil spirits and harmful forces to rest.

The strip can be placed in different places:

  1. It can be placed in your living room to promote positive thinking and protect the family from four directions. This would enhance the character and attitude of your family members to help them in their pursuits.
  2. It can be placed to near the vicinity of the main entrance or strongly glued directly above the door to ward off evil spirits and harmful forces and killing breathe. Please use a strong silicon glue or epoxy glue to prevent the heavy strip from falling into someones head.
  3. It can be placed at the altar in front of the Buddha to activate their potency in bringing the support you need for protection purposes.
  4. It can also be placed to protect precious items/treasures to ward off burgalary and thefts. Display it inside your safe.
  5. If there are killing forces coming your way, place it at the sector of bad energy coming from construction sites, graveyard etc.

Note: Kindly do not place deities in toilets, kitchen and on the floor.

Weight 300 g
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