Amulet of Military Wealth God on Tiger


Amulet of Military Wealth God on Tiger
Material: Natural Jade
Color: Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 1×1.65 in jade pendant
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10714

This hard-to-find amulet is the Military Wealth God on Tiger carved from high quality jade. It is the amulet that tycoons and businessmen would favour most because Military Wealth God blesses those who are earning money with hard work. His looks are more confident, grandeur and victorious compared to other Wealth Gods. He sits on a ferocious tiger, thus making him having extremely powerful command on wealth. He carries a gold ingot and a multilevel military varja weapon. The magical varja weapon enables him to punish all evils and to destroy all ignorance that could lead to being cheated. The tiger swallows all evil in the surroudings. This amulet will seriously multiply ones wealth, businesses and income luck. Both ambitious men and women should carry along this amulet or display in their car to enhance their wealth luck.

What Military Wealth God symbolizes?
Military God of Wealth (General Zhao Kong Ming) is one of the five Wealth Gods (Chai Shen Yeh) who gives powerful blessing of good fortune for those doing businesses and taking them seriously. In Chinese folklore, there are five Gods of Wealth; Civil God of Wealth, Military God of Wealth, Rich God of Wealth, Righteous God of Wealth and God of Windfall. They take turns to handle financial matters among the people. The Chinese prefer Military God of Wealth because of his confidence, grandeur and victory expression. His presence had benefitted many tycoons in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Zhao Kong Ming was once a famous general in ancient China. Knowing that he is a righteous, honest and just man, the heaven’s Jade Emperor bestowed him the role of distributing earthly wealth and assisting the earthly man to chase back any bad debts. Hence he is often prayed for abundance, prosperity and wealth luck for careers, sales and businesses. For those in business, his presence will ensure all bad debts to be returned without much trouble.

Military God of Wealth powerfully sits on a tiger that bows to him and a pile of wealth and has a fierce look (but calm). He carries a big gold ingot or wealth pot and his own special unique multilevel varja weapon that looks like a sword (as he used to be in the military).

Military God of Wealth is essential for business success when carefully displayed at important areas. He not only create abundance in wealth, but also protect your existing wealth ownership.

  1. Display him in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (wealth corner) to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
  2. Display him facing your entrance so that you can see him as you enter to invite wealth and multiple fortune luck into your homes at chi entry points. He also provides protection of your wealth.
  3. Display him in your office and shops to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
  4. Display him in the Northwest sector to activate your mentor luck for money finding opportunities. He clears your minds off all business negativities and bless you with positive energies to find more money for yourself.
  5. His image is a must for Tycoons and for those doing any kind of business seeking for success.
  6. If you’re the boss, display his image in your office or behind you for wealth protections and for business to leapfrog to another level of excellence.
Weight 220 g


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