4.2in Anti-Magnetic Field Bagua


4.2in Anti-Magnetic Field Bagua
Material: Copper Nickel Plated
Color: Yellow
Dimension(in): 4.2×4.2×0.6 in
Weight: 100g
ID: SL10392

This is the type of bagua specially designed to counter strong magnetic forces and influence from nearby transmission tower, power station and voltage wire tower. The design had been researched with consolidated agreement by masters of geomancy from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It has a magnetic compass needle designed in the center and surrounded by concentric rings of the luopan. Most importantly are the 8-sided gold plated nickel reflective strips at the perimeter to control the magnetic forces. Expelling magnetic forces in ones home can prevent:

  1. Anyone in the household from getting injured easily
  2. Members of the household from developing impulsiveness, mental illness and brain tumor
  3. Health problems associated to blood vessels and heart
  4. Leukemia in children

What this special Bagua symbolizes and how to place the object?
Starting from the center, this bagua has a magnetic needle in the center represent detection and control of magnetic fields. Surrounding the compass needle are designed with concentric rings of the luopan borrowed from the Lady of Nine Heaven’s Bagua. At the perimeter of the bagua is surrounded by the geomancers’ powerful 8-sided gold plated nickel reflective to expel away incoming strong magnetic fields. This is indeed an extremely brilliant design. Behind the bagua, the powerful taoist nostrum of Tai Sheong Lou Kwan is inscribed to provide heavenly protection against negativities.

The transmission tower normally is for transmitting and receiving TV or telephone signals. Its strong magnetic fields could result in health complications to people spending long hours in its surrounding. Therefore if homes or buildings are located in its vicinity, one should hang this bagua in “chi” entry points such as windows and doors.

Meanwhile powerstation and high voltage tower belongs to fire which is most influential to magnetic field. It normally harms human brains and blood veins. Residences living close to such features are normally more susceptible to developing brain tumor, heart problems and blood related issues. Therefore it is important to hang the bagua either directly facing such features or at chi entry points such as windows and maindoor.

After understanding the theory behind this bagua we know it will work powerfully even if it is not being blessed by a taoist monk. Baguas sold by Feng Shui Bestbuy are accurately designed according to correct principles, ready for use immediately.

Weight 300 g


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