Query on Placement of Old Recycled Artifacts


ID: FM500

Consultation Description
This is a tailor made service for those who do not wish to follow our latest annual recommendations. Although it is simple, but not everyone has the time to read about new annual updates and chart. This value added service is to help those who wish to re-display their old artifacts bought from us previously according to the new annual flying stars chart or new natal chart when you move to a new house. If you are not feng shui savvy, not confident, have no idea about the functionality of your previous cures and what they were used for in previous years and like to apply them to the new charts, this is the service you should be going for. This service is where you will get personal guide from us instead of doing it by yourself.

You are encouraged to engage this service for peace of mind instead of doubting and guessing.

  1. After completing your payment, you will be contacted to send a clear photo of the object you want to query (in jpg, png and pdf only) and you are entitled to ask about one item (only FSBB items). We do not endorse about items sold by others.
  2. You will obtain a firm answer on which direction to place the old object.
  3. You will obtain a firm answer whether the item is more suitable to be disposed off or can still continue to be used.

Note: For best results, you are still advised to follow the latest recommended items according to our updates on our website though instead of recycling the old items because the new items are designed according the element and symbolic representation of each direction every year.

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