100 Peace


100 Peace – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Genuine Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 3.5×0.1×3.5in plaque; 0.75×0.1×0.75in coins
Weight: 95g all
ID: 24-AM-13

Malevolent energies lurking in your house that is invincible to your eyes can make you quick to pick a fight or disagree. It can make you quarrel with your co-workers, friends and siblings. The most detrimental type of all fights is between couples that lead to anger and love damage for life, which is totally unworthy. Other long-term physical effects of uncontrolled anger include increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headache. An effective countermeasure against hostile energy in the house can make you communicate better, reduce your anxiety and stress, defuse conflicts, improve relationships, new insights, better judgement, empathize with others, and effectively overcome life’s challenges. The quarrelsome energy management affects the quality of your lives because it influences your behavior that eventually determines your happiness and success. With this remedy, you will become slow to anger if not totally refrain from anger, forsake wrath and abound in steadfast love and faithfulness.

The cure features:

  1. Phoenix – The great powered Phoenix as the Lord of Period 9 defeats any energy associated to anger, dispute, ferocity, betrayal, gossip and backstabbing.
  2. Three Fengsiye (Wind Lion God). Inviting divine help is sometimes crucial in certain situations involving dirty energy lurking in the house such as “small ghost” and “black magic” that creates turbulences in the household. Fengsiye subdues the turbulences with its wide mouth that is able to gulp them down.
  3. Three Harmony Animals – It also has the powerful three celestial animals of victory against disharmony (known as Triple Union). They are the pairing of six mythological enemies: otter and fish, seamonster and seasnail, garuda and snowlion. These ancient practice of uniting the rival pairs are being put on banners for reconciliation of disharmony and disputes.
  4. 100 Peace Symbol – “Ping” character expresses peace and calmness. When multiplied by 100 times, it translates to boundless joy according to one’s wishes and peace without an end to the viewer.
  5. “Li Hexagram” connotes BIG FIRE element. It subdues quarrelsome energy that causes disputes between lovers, conflicts in the family, troubles with office authority, lawsuits from enemies, hostilities among neighbours and more.
  6. Mantra of Manjusri. Manjusri (Wenshu Pusa) is a bodhisattva in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions of Buddhism. The name “Manjusri” means “gentle glory”. Manjusri is the bodhisattva associated with development of enlightened wisdom, doctrine and awareness. Manjusri is usually denoted in Chinese traditions as riding on the back of a lion. Those who are negative in mindset, stressed, depressed, suicidal, quarrelsome and troublesome can benefit from and be tamed by the Manjusri. The mantra of wisdom “Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih” represents the attainment of ultimate realization.
  7. Shri Yantra – has a great influence on smoothing out all kinds of obstacles. The fundamental principles of fengshui involves the knowledge of 5 Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal). And the theory of 5 Elements holds the key to remedying and enhancing energy (qi) in our space. Each element takes a shape, and fire element is being represented by a triangle. And when the triangle is multiplied, it becomes a big fire element cure. The color of gold linings will bring about the presence of gold within fire.
  8. Lotus – is essentially used to signify joy, peace, purity and sincerity.
  9. Apple –  is a harbinger of supportive relationships, harmony, peace, joy and happiness.

Lastly, the 3 coins decorating below the primary plaque consist of chinese characters “AN RAN WU SHI” connoting peace and stability. The other side of the coin has the rooster. When displayed together the above symbols manifest all the positive attributes of combating quarrelsome energy.

This Period 9 compliant cure is a more potent remedy against hostility when its energy becomes more ferocious than usual in certain directions, years and period. Even when in face of hostile adversity, it keeps you flourishing and gives you the grit to keep pushing forward, the agility to move with the changes and that ensures you come out of unpredictable landscapes favourably. The #3 is increasingly harmful in Period 9. It has the ability to effectively neutralize the malevolent wood energies of #3.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The ability to manage Interpersonal Relationships is important
Bad temper, quarrel and scolding are widely seen due to our hectic modern living because stress is part of our life where we need to cope with. Many people are suffering from stress nowadays and giving others unpeaceful treatment. When our mind is unpeaceful, we cannot concentrate in our work and can jeopardize a lot of areas in our lives. If we suffering from nagging people at home or in the office, our career can go to jeopardy. Losing our temper and initiating quarrels are sometimes unavoidable when there are quarrelsome stars looming in our life palace. That is why sometimes we can end up in big trouble without us realizing the true reason, which had been led by our sudden quarrelsome attitude with our loved ones, our subordinates, our superiors, our friends, our parents, our relatives or even with strangers. Like it or not, quarrelsome energy in our lives brings us bad aura on our crown chakra and heart chakra which can bring extensive bad luck that can last for a long time forward. Therefore, it is very important that we must not lose our temper in order for us to enjoy good feng shui and good luck. Once the quarrelsome energy is dissolved, it will help to create positive thinking, a better focused mind, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity. This will reinforce our energy levels so that we can benefit in all aspects of our lives.

Fengsiye is actually the Wind Lion God/Lord originated from Kinmen island. This divine lion is easily distinguished by its large, anatomically rather exaggerated wulou as its private part. Some taoists believe that touching the wulou of a male wind lion god statue helps expectants mothers give birth to a male heir. The windy Kinmen island folks turned to the lion in an attempt to improve the feng shui of the island and to save them from a sand blasting whenever the wind picked up. Kinmenese people believe that this lion, symbol of wisdom and divinity, protect one against evil. Fengsiye has wide, long mouths, intended to symbolically “swallow” the wind and turbulences. In addition to commanding the winds, Fengsiye is also considered to be home guardians, repelling evil spirits and misfortune.

Three Harmony Animals
The three celestial animals are actually the combinations of mutually opposite hostile animals. It is called “sign of victory in the fight against disharmony”. It is purely of Tibetan origin and first appeared in early Buddhism on victory banners, thangkas and prayer flags.

  1. The eight-limbed lion (also known as eight-legged lion or garuda-lion) is formed from the interbreeding of the lion with its competitor garuda bird. In real life, its eight-limbs are formed with claws on both its foot pads and knees, although the claws are only represented on its foot pictorially and seldom being disclosed on its knees. It has the overall body (also limbs, mane and tail) of the lion. While its head and wings are of the garuda. Because the garuda bird is the animal lord of the sky while the lion is the animal lord of the earth, this protector integrates the heaven and earth victoriously. It is one of the three symbols of victory in the fight against disharmony. The eight-limbed lion can help to resolve huge disputes, for example hatred, anger or even legal lawsuit from your enemy.
  2. The fish with hair (also known as fur bearing fish) is a hybrid from the interbreeding of the fish with its enemy otter. It has the overall body (also limbs) of the otter and cover with brown hair. While its head, flippers and tail are of the fish. The scales of the fish neck may dissolve into the otter’s fur or an abrupt demarcation may be formed at the forelegs. It is one of the three symbols of victory in the fight against disharmony. The fish with hair can help to resolve business related disputes among customers, suppliers and competitors. It can also prevent copyright infringement problems.
  3. The makara snail (also known as makara crocodile or makara dragon) is a hybrid from the interbreeding of the water monster makara with its enemy snail. It has the overall body firm like a snail shell. While its head, scales, horns, tusks and mane of the makara protrude out of the shell. It is also generally regarded as the son of a union among crocodile, dragon and snake. It is one of the three symbols of victory in the fight against disharmony. The makara snail can help to resolve disputes among friends, loved ones and family members. It can also prevent breakup among loving couples and spouses.

Where to display this cure

  1. Display it at your workdesk area to burn off any quarrelsome energy caused by flying star #3 which could possibly be invading your space permanently, annually, monthly or even hourly based on time dimension of feng shui concept. Because most of you are too busy to find out when this bad star#3 will strike your space, it is best to place one there all the time to prevent such occurences so that you can experience harmony with your office colleagues and improve your relationship with people.
  2. Display it in the corner of your home to cure “annual” quarrelsome star #3. It is especially important to have if your maindoor is in this location or if your bedroom is located in this location. This enables you to build good relationship with your partner, family members and friends.
  3. Display it in locations of homes where the natal flying star map has the Quarrelsome Star #3 is, especially when #3 meets with #2.
  4. Display in the West of the family room to prevent the younger generation from showing disrespect to the elderly.
  5. Display in your bedroom at your personal “nien yen” direction if you are seeking for a happier life and wanting to forge more friendships.
  6. Display if your unit door or balcony has the Water Star #3 located there, or else it could bring you financial difficulties in the long term.
Weight 500 g
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