Lucky Pigs Discover Treasures


Lucky Pigs Discover Treasures – Energy Infused
Material: Earth Material and Brass Coins
Color: Gold, Bronze and Metalic Blue
Dimension(in): 4.8×2.8×1.75in
Weight: 177g
ID: 19-RF-03


Peasants placed the pig in their houses because of its association to family prosperity, wealth and overall fortune. The pig is another man’s best friend!!! It brings happiness and good fortune to households, if you would have watched Hollywood’s BABE, you’d know how lovely a pig is. This beautiful “icon of prosperity” consists of a happy papa and mama pigs with two curious piglets discovering gold coins in a treasure basin. A family of happy pigs brings extremely good fortune to your household and their presence signify prosperity, wealth, abundance, fertility and reasonable success in all affairs. Equally auspicious are coins of three powerful emperors of the Ching Dynasty, namely Kang Hsi, Yong Cheng and Chien Lung. These are the wealth generative periods during the glamourous Ching Dynasty. It denotes the amount of wealth earned lasting up to three generations. All in all, this ornament is suitable for those who intend to gain smoothness in acquisition of wealth and abundance. It will also bring you the good possibility of a big fat salary for those seeking for a new career. For those seeking for get pregnant and have babies, place this enhancer by your bedside or in the west side of your living room to increase fertility. For those seeking for smooth relationship, you may place it in the northwest corner.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with certificate of authenticity.

What the pig symbolizes and how to place this object?
The pig (zhu) is one of the most important animals in the chinese economy, where the ownership of a pig was a sign of wealth. To insure prosperity, peasants placed papercuts of pigs on their houses, and jade pigs were placed in the hands of the wealthy deceased to ensure future prosperity. Because of the pig’s association with family prosperity, feng shui motifs often combine pigs with other powerful family-oriented symbols, such as the dragon and phoenix. The pig signifies sufficient food, material joy, home safety, prosperity, abundance, wealth, fertility and reasonable success in all affairs. In ancient china and also in the west, pig is a lovely animal for those living by the countryside. They are man’s best friend, next to the dog. Pig is also an intelligent animal and adorable. In ancient China, having a mother pig at home signifies fertility and wealth abundance for the family, as they could provide a consistent source of income and provide a good living for the entire family. In olden days, more kids means more resources in the farm and increase in assets. But in the modern age, one can consider using the pig to wish growth in a business and harness manpower to support the growth.

Feng Shui pigs are great gifts for successful business counterparts or relatives in their opening ceremonies of their businesses. Pig figurines would also make a perfect gift for newly weds to increase their fertility and be blessed with many children.

For excellent feng shui associated to wealth abundance, prosperity, fertility and successful in all affairs:

  1. Display them in the wealth corner (southeast corner according to 8-Aspirations Theory) to activate much wealth luck.
  2. Display them by your bedside to increase fertility for those aspiring for children.
  3. Display them at your workdesk, living room or family area to jazz up more success in all your affairs and smoothen your endeavours.
  4. For businessman, if one is looking to hire committed workforce for company growth, place them on the director’s desk.


Weight 500 g
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