Tua Peh Kong (God of Windfall or Gambling) – Gold


Tua Peh Kong (God of Windfall or Gambling) – Gold – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Plated
Dimension(in):1.4×1.5×2.3 in
Weight: 280g
ID: 19-AF-03B

God of Windfall, also known as Tua Peh Kong has five subordinates known as Gods of Wealth of Five Zones who are stationed at the East, South, West, North and Central zones. In order to have control over all the districts, the God of Windfall will help anyone whether he is good, evil, rich or poor, to manage his wealth so that it won’t deplete easily. He is one of the Five Wealth Gods, in which the other four is in heaven but he is more special because he takes care of distributing money on earth. He is depicted sitting on his dragon chair, carries a stack of gold ingots (to multiply wealth) on his left hand and a Ru Yi (to enhance authority and power) on his right hand. Powerful divine help enables home owners to prosper at great speed very rapidly. Speculative minded people wishing to become millionaire or money masters overnight can only have your dreams realized if you honor the God of Windfall. This will be the answer to gaining the unfair advantage of getting rich easily. Divine help will enable you to fuel your speculative outlook. This item is most suitable for workdesks, wealth vases, receptions and cashiers.

Note: This figurine is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The item comes with a free red silky pillow.

Disclaimer: The study of Feng Shui does not encourage large gambling that could lead to the disharmony of family and bankruptcy. However, a few dollars used to buy lottery for fun in hope of large returns and other means of small betting that would not harm the financial status would be fine. We also advise that investment in share markets must be within our own means and under strict control. Borrowing money to gamble should be avoided at all times and by all means.

What Tua Peh Kong symbolizes and how to place the object?
Tua Peh Kong (also known as God of Windfall) is another extremely popular God of Wealth especially in Southeast Asia (Singapore and its nearby countries). Most of the Buddhist and Taoist temples, homes and businesses in southeast Asia have his figure popularly worshipped by devotees. His presence signifies windfall luck, gambling luck, business luck, authority/high ranks, prosperity, excellent fortune and longevity. Some great politicians seek his advices to economy forecasts of districts or states. Most housewives would throng his temples for blessings before purchasing lotteries.

Tua Peh Kong looks like an old rich grandpa who wears a gold robe of longevity on the throne and usually holds a Ru Yi to signify authority and wealth symbols (such as gold ingots or wealth pots) for good fortune. Tua Peh Kong is also another good symbol of longevity.

To optimize blessings from the Tua Peh Kong, it is recommended that his figurine is placed in the following locations:

  1. Display the figurine in important areas of your business premises, office or living room. He can also be placed at the reception, nearby your metal safe, at the cashier’s’ counter to bring in more money luck. He should be facing the maindoor.
  2. Display the figurine in the southeast corner (wealth corner) of your homes or business premises. He can also be placed nearby your wealth ships to activate it.
  3. Display the figurine in your personal Sheng Chi direction to tap optimum energy for your career growth, good fortune luck and self development for long term success.
  4. You may put the figurine as an essential ingredient into your wealth vase.

Note: Kindly do not place the Tua Peh Kong in your bedrooms, toilets and kitchen.


Weight 500 g
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