Aura Increasing Amulet


Aura Increasing Amulet – Energy Infused
Material: Pure Brass
Color: Gold Plated
Dimension(in):2×2.9 in primary piece; 2×0.1x8in all
Weight: 60g
ID: 14-PC-07

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Featuring the tortoise shell and loshu square, the Aura Increasing Amulet’s primary objective is to perform aura polishing to manifest good luck. Rejuvanating energy so that your aura is back to neutral state, it helps to conserve and harness good energy in order for you to reap rewards easily. As such, you will be able to take things easier and in a more relaxed manner. Your inner spirit will be nurtured to give you a strong pillar of support that you need. The amulet will boost vitality so that you will not be easily susceptible to spirit harm which can cause you a troubled, quarrelsome, hostile, sick and injury prone life. It will also remove the aura of intimidation that turns people off and increase your success luck. Removing storms and hiccups, your career, wealth, health and relationship will eventually become more promising and good luck winds will start to blow to your direction again.

When a person experiences suppressed aura, you will fail to radiate with bright energy. The aura is usually suppressed when ones life force and spirit essence is weak. This can be due to a few reasons, such as the down cycle of an individual’s fortune, pesky stars appearing in ones annual zodiac luck, poor feng shui of the surrounding and absorbing bad energies from “yin” places(hospital/funeral parlors/graveyards etc). Radiance and vitality is low. An invisible form of “dark cloud” will be encircling your forehead which is not tangible to untrained eyes. Reacting negatively to almost everything, it blocks you from reaching the peak and prevents you from achieving anything fruitful. Your instincts no longer give success. Failures and troubles arise from every aspect of your life. Everything seems unfavorable and unlucky. At its peak, you will suffer from lethal and hostile killing forces.

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Note: The price of brass and gold had gone up skyhigh in recent years, where some had resorted to cheaper alloys in making their amulets. But we continue to maintain our commitment in using genuine brass and genuine gold plating in our own amulets. The brass piece is made from a very prestigious brass factory.

What are the special properties of the Aura Increasing Amulet?

  1. Tortoise Shell and Loshu Square (front) – Known for imparting its divine protection and longevity attributes, the tortoise shell is a very special cure used only by ancient style Feng Shui Masters. The tortoise shell is actually a loshu square that has the magical influence to deflect away the energy from any unwanted stars that bring danger and health problems. In the olden days, feng shui masters will carry along a tortoise shell with them at all times for protection against danger from bad stars.
  2. Sriyantra (center of reverse side) – Consisting of five downward-pointing female triangles and four upward-pointing male triangles, these nine triangles interlock to create mathematical pattern of forty-three triangles. Traditionally this instrument is to balance the mind or focus it on spiritual concepts. The act of wearing, depicting, enacting and/or concentrating on a yantra is held to have spiritual or astrological or magical benefits. The yantra brings about the vanquishment (niyantrana) of all evil that arises from desire, anger, and other errors.
  3. Twelve Zodiacs – This amulet will protect and maximize the luck of all zodiacs whether one has good or bad luck in any particular year. All zodiacs will get immuned to misfortune and obtain equal opportunities to maximize their luck. Each zodiac is associated to one of the 12 mountains and will bring about a certain kind of elemental influence, thus has enhancing and curing capability. The Twelve Zodiac animals will relieve the 12 mountains (directions) off any disorganized elements and interactive influences. The twelve zodiacs also represent the cycle of time, therefore it will incorporate the “time dimension” to create good luck, to cure bad luck and to increase desired opportunities in life.
  4. Two taoist incantations – Empowering this amulet are two magical taoist incantations of igniting transformation of luck, providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine blessings for maximum good luck and good fortune.
  5. Mantra of Vajrapani – To clear the inner, outer and hidden obstacles especially naga and spirit harm to to actualize indestructible vajra position.
  6. Crossed Vajras – In vedic India, the vajra was the chief weapon or “thunderbolt” of the great sky god Indra. It has the power to control the thunder and lightning and slay ‘nine time ninety” vritras and dragons. It means ‘the hard or mighty one’, implying undestructible hardness and brilliance like a diamond. It symbolizes the impenetrable, imperishable, immovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible state of absolute reality, which is the enlightenment of Buddhahood. It is a wrathful weapon destroying all negativities and illusions.
Weight 280 g
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