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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
(Copyright Reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy - written originally by Feng Shui Scholar)

The Chinese Zodiac System offers some clues to compatibility for life partners and lovers. Although it is a very general guideline, but its accuracy is still unquestionably higher than 65%. Therefore, the Chinese Fortune Tellers often advise youngsters not to avoid zodiac compatibility when they search for desired partners in life. Do take note that there are other formulas where some could adopt in determining love compatibility such as using the 8 Mansions Formula (East vs West group people) and 8 Characters Theory (where a person's compatibility is determined by how their personal elements are complemented by their partner's according to 5 Element Theory).

Some books actually stated that one's life compatible partner is determined by their group of "secret friend" and "allies". However, we advise not to follow the formula blindly, as there are more facts to consider besides just merely looking at "friendship formula". We also ought to look into personal behaviour/characteristics and hints from old legends for different zodiacs to see if they match each other. Upon further investigation and judging from data, we have found the following table yields the most accurate zodiac compatibility.

This generic formula will explain why:
1. Some partners are more loving and seldom quarrel in a lifetime.
2. Some partners are quick in achieving success in life due to great support from the other half.
3. Some partners seldom face with obstacles throughout their marriage.
4. Some partners can grow old together till a ripe age.

However, there are other aspects of life that could also contribute to a successful marriage, such as good tolerance and patience, good earth luck due to Feng Shui, good deeds (charity) done by the couple etc.

Zodiac Compatibility Chart

One can carry along the Ho Tu Chilin Amulet to suppress compatibility problems.

Ho Tu Chilin Amulet

Check the below table for your personal zodiac according to your birthdate and year.

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