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Why buy from us?
Feng Shui Enhancer

Often times our family members suffer from bad luck and we wish there is something from the divine, energy or magical world to help them boost their luck naturally. There are many feng shui products in the market and we may be undecided of where to get them from. Below are 5 reasons why Feng Shui Bestbuy (FSBB) should be the choice:
1. All products are properly “cleansed” in a special chamber (photo) that has a gigantic clear quartz point activated by high voltage current and high frequency waves. Countless customers and people from the energy world had felt the special energy resonating and given their feedback. We kept this as our “trade secret” for the past 10 years without revealing it until the need arises recently. We guarantee not a single store out there is doing this for you because this technology was founded together by our director with his professor from a university.
2. We are the only one in the market to genuinely infuse products with real energy that can be measured. FSBB products that are marked energy infused come with “certificate of authenticity”. We have many happy customers who enjoyed the effectiveness of energy infused products. Many of them had gotten rich. We have posted on facebook before that one had even won a jackpot and 1st prize in lottery that made him millionaire plus overnight. Many recovered from serious illnesses. Some were blessed with the luck of pregnancy. Many others were promoted.
3. We do NOT sell counterfeits of products whose rights belong to other stores. We either manufacture our own or obtain some from original sources with permission. You will not gain anything positive from counterfeits.
4. Our products are never processed, placed or stored on dirty floors or in poor environments. Starting from factory until the warehouse, all items are treated like precious gems by our well trained personnels who appreciate the products like their own. Our products are always being elevated above the floor level and handled like money and gold.
5. We subsidize all shipping costs and provide the cheapest rates in the world so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on shipping. We use the two best courier services to ship your order, Fedex and DHL.

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