Feng Shui Symbols

Written by our “Feng Shui Scholar of Feng Shui Bestbuy”

Why Feng Shui Objects are so powerful?

Usage of lucky symbols can alter chi (a form of energy) and enhances our surrounding feng shui. Symbolism is the easiest feng shui system to apply for great results. Lucky symbols sold by Feng Shui Bestbuy have two general functions: energy booster and cure. Authentic feng shui items can cure misfortune and enhance luck in our environment to harmonize the surrounding chi, thus promoting prosperity, health, smoothness in all undertakings and relationship. Symbols placed in our environment attract or emit good chi and at the same time can also dissolve the bad ones.

In modern living, whereby macro level feng shui influenced by landscape such as mountain formation and river flows are hard to tap or alter, we can seek alternatives in using symbols to produce similarly wonderful results by enhancing micro level feng shui in our premises, be it in our homes or business place. Symbolism is especially effective in practising 8 aspirations: wealth, career, fame, love, family luck, health, education and mentor luck.

Feng shui is not a religion, but irrespective of any school, the main objective is the same: to harness good chi to produce a harmonious environment for human living. Feng shui is not spiritual on its own, but you can incorporate feng shui into spirituality to maximise benefits. Today, many feng shui enthusiasts have combined feng shui with Tibetan Buddhism or other beliefs for maximum gain. But most importantly, feng shui must be practised with a good will and not intended to harm any being.

Symbolism is popular in all cultures and is deeply ingrained in the way of life. Symbols impact our subconscious mind and their influences are strong that could stimulate confidence, effort and good outcomes. Therefore symbols play the most important role in feng shui. Empowered with chi, feng shui symbols associate the energy frequency in our minds to the meaning of their presence in our environment. Whether we realize or not, paintings, pictures, jewellery, statues, animals and so forth have meanings and effect on us.

By creating an environment rich with symbolism that elicit positive thinking, focused minds, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity will result from the enriching feng shui. We will then become aware of the environment in which the chi had been altered by us, thus enabling us to empower it. This powerful symbolism method will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, start embracing yourself in symbolism to seize maximum gain.

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