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We have faced economic downturns before but the scale of devastation brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak is deep. It started as a health crisis but has now morphed into a full-scale economic catastrophe as well. The outlook is bleak and could get worse. Latest estimates see the economy moving into recession with many losing their jobs. Employers from the small and medium industries will be facing the biggest challenge of all times to sustain their businesses. We have been receiving emails asking for feng shui recommendations from all parts of the world starting middle of February 2020 in Asia and now mostly from the West. And for those who feel that you are not going to be impacted, you can also consider doing up your feng shui because this is not the time to be brave. There is no harm getting protected. Here we would like to share with you on a reply from our Feng Shui Scholar when the same question is repeatedly asked on how to solve a financial downturn.


Hello Feng Shui Scholar,
I am facing financial troubles. Any quick suggestion?


In feng shui, there is no quicker fix more favorable than using pure feng shui counting on symbolism, sacred incantations and magical objects. I will be recommending something simple, practical and effective. I am not sure how severe your status is and the background. But feng shui may help in most of the financial situations if not all.

In 2020, the Robbery Star #7 in the center palace of every home is the main culprit that robs away finances if it is not properly remedied. One should place the fulins to bite away the robbery star and suppress further financial losses due to economic crisis and recession.

Next, you will need to check if your zodiac sign is in conflict with the Tai Sui. Those who are in conflict with the Tai Sui will be most susceptible to losses and changes from good to bad. If yes, you will need to invite his Plaque home and display in the north sector of the living room as a symbol of respect.

After that, you may want to consider ushering immense prosperity energy from Annual Wealth Star #8 to enhance business acumen and promote inflow of new income. To activate this wealth star, display the Citrine Tree of Life in the northwest of your house.

And it will be advisable to gather much divine help to lighten the effects from crisis and emerge unscathed. We did observe that those who had the image of Kwan Kung in their business premises had little to no impact from 1997s and 2008s financial crisis across asia. We suggest you get the one in a fire element robe (purple or red) because the year needs fire to overcome problems. Display his figurine facing your main door.

Next, since it is the Year of Rat, you may want to consider giving respect to the year by recognizing its presence and tapping its capabilty of magnetizing bountiful wealth opportunities. The rat is the sign that can forage for food and supplies no matter what the circumstances. Its symbol when combined with the powerful celestial animal Chilin will bless you for two years. In 2020, display it in its direction in the north. Come 2021 the Year of Ox, since it is a secret friend of the Ox, it should be moved to the northeast to enjoy the union luck that could bring a smooth and flawless year.

If you are on the verge of losing your job and planning to go for something new, then you are advised to wear the pendant of a Red Chilin with Wings. The chilin is the most suitable guardian to help you sort out new paths and red is the fire element needed to overcome any problem associated to Covid-19.

Last but not least, if you are keen to carry along lucky charms so that you will always stay at the tip top of any chaotic situation, you may consider the following amulets:

1. Resilience Amulet - Incredibly powerful, it prevents the terrible potential for reversal of financial luck. The amulet ensures you will always maintain a healthy cash flow. Especially favorable to those in business, the amulet promises survival through good and bad times (eg recession), helps entrepreneurs and executives make all the right decisions, allowing you to sustain difficulties with resilience and always emerging unscathed.

2. Bat Lock Lucky Amulet - The God of Luck will give you a strong dosage of blessing in luck and give you new avenues of income growth. It will ensure that money earned can be saved with the bat lock.

3. Anti Financial Loss Amulet - If you have investments or stocks stuck in the market or have a business that is still running, then you ought to use this amulet to prevent your hard earned money from being robbed by the financial downturn.

4. Tai Sui Amulet - This is a must have if your zodiac is in conflict with the Tai Sui, else you will suffer the wrath from his punishment. No matter what remedies you put forth in other feng shui aspects, as long as you do not bring the Tai Sui to your side, you will face a difficult year ahead.

Hope this helps. May you find good health, good luck, good fortune and prosperity always. Stay safe and happy always.

Feng Shui Scholar

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