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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #23

1. How to Remedy Missing Corner in the Southeast
2. Toilet in the Northwest, Fireplace in the East, Stairs Near the Main Door and Maindoor Facing Backdoor
2. What to Prepare When Moving into a New House?

Question 1: How to Remedy Missing Corner in the Southeast

Is there one or more remedies on your site to compensate and heal a missing sector? The missing sector is in the South-East, wealth sector. What do you suggest to set up, in the outer area of the habitat, in the area of the missing sector? When a sector is missing what happens if this zone is affected by a 5 or 2 star? In 2021, the SE is distressed. Is it more damaging or ultimately the incidence of these stars has no real effect ?? On the other hand, I set up monthly remedies: what do you recommend to store these correctly until next use? Do you deprogram them of their intention before putting them away?I am living in France. Thank you for your help.

Miss Degroote


Hi Ms Degroote,
The implications and effects of having missing sectors in your house is based on the principle called Early Heaven Bagua and Later Heaven Bagua. The Early Heaven Bagua represents time factor and governs health, while the Later Heaven Bagua represents the direction factor and governs wealth.

SE corner has DUI TRIGRAM as its Early Heaven and XUN TRIGRAM as its Later Heaven. Dui represents the youngest daughter (below 16 years old) and Xun represents eldest daughter (above 16 years old). A missing SE corner can mean that the health of the youngest daughter may be affected and the career/studies of the eldest daughter cannot excel.

The SE corner also represents wood industries such as Interior Designer, Artist, Project Manager, Florist etc. Individuals with a career in this area may not see progress if they stay in this house.

And most importantly, SE also represents wealth and abundance. A house that is missing in SE will see that money is difficult to be saved and there is more money going out faster than money coming in.

The classic cure to fix this problem and make up the missing corner is to have its "directional horoscope animal" stationed in your house. It is better if you can station its symbol in the SE corner of a prominent area such as a foyer or the living room or the wall that is adjacent to the missing corner. In this case, I would recommend the 9 Dragons Plaque to be the best symbol to have for your case. Not only will it make up the missing wealth corner, the 9 Dragons themselves are also a powerful symbol of wealth and abundance that will arrest any wealth leakages of your house.

The presence of the dragons is to make up the missing element (small wood) and its benevolent benefits to the house. It does not mean that a new space will be created by the presence of the dragon. Without a physical space in the SE, any bad combination of 2-5 will not have an opportunity to stay in the space. Your SE is missing, therefore there is no space to contain the evil stars. They won't enter your house because your SE corner does not exist. The Nine Dragon Cure needed to be placed in another location of your house is to make up the missing element of SE that is suppose to be benevolent to you.

We not recommend remedying the monthly stars every month. We emphasize on remedying annual stars from the beginning of the year one time deal. As long as the annual stars are properly remedied, they will be neutralized properly. Any incoming monthly stars cannot create any harm to you at all. However, if you are keen on remedying monthly stars, you can move the monthly cures from one sector to another. But the annual cures must not be touched. You will need to at least smoke the monthly cures with genuine sandalwood incense ingots to revitalize their "chi". This way, they are always refreshed.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar


Question 2: Toilet in the Northwest, Fireplace in the East, Stairs Near the Main Door and Maindoor Facing Backdoor

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
Iím safely being in quarantine, away from the covid pandemic; thatís because Iíve moved into a new house in the countryside along the way. Since Iím in a new house, Iíve gotten into feng shui again and Iím doing my research again. So starting off my feng shui research, in the northwest area of the house, there is a bathroom, which includes a sink, shower, and toilet. Adding on with my northwest situation, I also have a laundry room, which also includes a drying machine and washing machine. With another trouble spot, when I open the main front door, I see the stairs right away. Then I see a hallway leads into the glass doorway in the back of the house. Another thing that worries me is a fire chimney thatís located in the eastern area of my house, which is ruled by the wood element. What kind of cures will help my situation with the NW & East Area? Is there a solution to be found with my problems with the main door? Why are there feng shui troubles so dangerous to the house occupant?

Thank you,
Amy Mioe


Hi Amy,
Congratulations for moving into a new home. And better still when it is in the countryside where you can enjoy safety from health threats. This will be very reassuring. Yes, first thing first, always check the feng shui of a new house because the feng shui of a house surely changes a person's destination!

Having a sink, shower, toilet and laundry in the NW will harm the patriarch luck of the family as it will drain away his energy, but not as bad as having fire in the same sector which is the worst condition in the NW. Therefore you will need to try to minimize the chi in the NW from being drained away. If you cannot abstain from using the bathroom and laundry, then the next best thing to do is to hang a 5 Rods Pagoda Windchime in the bathroom and laundry to suppress the chi from being drained away. If you can hang it directly above the drain holes, by all means do that. If you cannot, then try to hang it by the corners and not above the space where one would stand for long daily so that it will not suppress the energy of persons below it.

The windchime will minimize the chi in the NW from being drained away, but not totally stop it. Therefore you should considering boosting the elements and properties associated to NW. To make it up, you can place a Clear Quartz Dog figurine in the NW corner of the house or the NW corner of your living room (small tai chi). The dog is the 12 animal sign associated to the NW direction and carries all the chi characteristics of the NW that brings about benevolent energy back to your house.

Having the stairs where "falling chi" from upstairs rushing mercilessly and hitting the main door is considered a "shar chi", which is not so favorable. The maindoor will be affected and this can bring poor feng shui because in feng shui the maindoor is the most important feature of the house. If you can reach the ceiling, you may hang the 6 bells 8 Spoke Dharmachakra above the first and last step of the stairs and one or two along any landings in between. If you cannot, then you may hang them on long hooks from the wall along the stairs. This cures will slow down the rushing chi and let it meanders and collect before moving to the next level.

A fireplace's effects is like a kitchen stove. The fire element is not considered as serious as the one in the kitchen, mainly because you only use the fire place for 3 months in a year during winter, but you have to turn on the stove for cooking throughout the year. And a fireplace in the east is not as bad has in the northwest. Just make sure you do not have family portraits and inviduals' photos placed there else they will have misfortunes. Then placed the Earth Cure to counter the fire energy exerted from the fireplace.

But what is more threatening is the chimney. It is like a big needle that pierced through the east portion of the house. The Early Heaven Bagua of the east is "li trigram" (representing middle daughter above 16 years old) and the Later Heaven Bagua of the east is "zhen trigram" (representing eldest son above 16 years old). The Early Heaven governs the health factor of the house while the Later Heaven governs the wealth factor of the house. This means that the middle daugther's health can become poor and the eldest son's career may not be smooth. You can boost the properties and element of the east by having this special ornament of Rabbit and Dog placed in the east to strengthen the east. The Rabbit is the 12 animal sign associated to the east direction and its secret friend is the dog, where its presence will magnify its power further.

And remember that one of the taboos of a fireplace is to ensure it is not located in the sectors where there are water and mountain stars #5 located. You may want to check that. Also take note that in 2020, the east has Annual #5 Yellow in the east. When the fire starts burning in the winter months, this can cause serious health problems to the entire household, long term illnesses and sometimes fatality. Please make sure that you use a strong cure for 5-Yellow placed at the fireplace.

Lastly, having your maindoor that is aligned to the backdoor through a long pathway is not ideal. It means any chi that enters your main door will rush out towards the back door. No chi can stay in the house for long, which implies that poor money luck is indicated. You slow down the rushing chi by hanging a few of the Mantra Wheel Windwhimes along the long pathway.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: What to Prepare When Moving into a New House?

Hi Feng Shui Master,
I have a new house to be completed early 2021 and
My front door is facing NE . Any fengshui advice
To make my house prosperous and encourage good luck to homeowners.
Thanks for your help

Adele Sy


Hello Adele,
Congratulations! We are happy to hear the news.

In general, the NE is where the Tai Sui is sitting in 2021. Therefore, a maindoor facing the NE is confronting Tai Sui. In upcoming months, we will reveal to public the cures for Tai Sui 2021 which you can check out later.

But do make sure you that you get a feng shui door banner hung at the main door when moving in.

A pair of door gods plaque to protect the door and a pair of fudogs are the basic requirements to ensure protection and safety of the new household.

An auspicious rice urn will also be crucial to ensure that abundance for the family.

Then hang the Gold 9 Emperor Coins at the back portion of the house so that it will never be lack of support from important people.

The info about a front door facing NE is overly general to fully understand what it takes to make the house prosperous. For a new house, it is worthwhile to have a full scale feng shui audit performed to evaluate on how to optimize the luck of the house and the occupants before any renovation is done. Proper furniture placement in all sectors will ensure a lifetime of success. This is to save money and prevent painful changes later.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

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