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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #22

1. Ill Winds Affecting Mother and Daughter
2. Feeling Lethargic After Staying at Home Most of the Time
3. New to Feng Shui and Seeking for Help
4. Water Filter Direction, Fish Tank in the NE, Increasing Music Ability and Stopping Son from Telling Lies

Question 1: Ill Winds Affecting Mother and Daughter

My daughter has a bad case of acne and her period is irregular. Is there any Fengshui remedy for this? We are trying different things but it's not helping. We already consulted doctors. But it's the same. My feet has been hurting for around 4-5 months whenever I walk or stand up after a long sitting or when I get up from bed when I wake up. I actually even considered going to the hospital to have it checked. But since I am so afraid of CoVid exposure, I decided to buy your health and longevity amulet and my condition improved. So I am hoping maybe there is something that can help my daughter's case.



Hi Maria,
These are very specific problems that need more detailed analysis. We are not sure if you are ready for a one time full analysis of the house by our feng shui master from hong kong.

Anyway, from a more general point of view, what you can do is to focus on the matriach corner and eldest daughter corner according to the bagua to look for hints if the health problems arise from there.

The martriach corner is in the Southwest corner of your house. Meanwhile, the eldest daughter's corner is in the Southeast. The back bone is the main support of your body. Therefore any structural damage in the southwest can lead to pain in the backbone of yours. And all structural damages in the SW must be fixed. On the other hand, acne and irregular period is associated to blood issues. Check that in the southeast, anything that is cluttered must be removed and particular check for piping/tap/sewerage problems that need to be fixed properly.

To nourish the SW, all you need to do is to introduce fire or earth to that area. Best is the display natural crystals made from rose quartz in this sector. Rose quartz is fire within earth element which will benefit the southwest. A traditional enhancer for this will be displaying the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks in this direction.

To nourish the SE, it is best to introduce water or wood energy in this sector. For example blue faceted crystal ball or blue jewel at the side table where she sleeps will be excellent. Glass crystal is water in earth element. It gives the feeling of frozen water and is a good representation of water element.

Good luck to you and your daughter.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Response from her later: "Ah. Got it! It makes sense. Now I understand. Her acne became this bad after we did some changes in SE corner and also SW corner."

Question 2: Feeling Lethargic After Staying at Home Most of the Time

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
I feel very tired lately, am unable to sleep well at night. I feel more tired than usual. I have been working from home after the pandemic started. I am eating home cooked food that is healthy and exercising alot. Can feng shui help. Please only suggest to me traditional cures.

Thank you,


Hi Becca,
If your health deteriorates after you started to spend more time at home (eg. more than 8 hours per day for the past 90 days), then most probably your home's feng shui may be giving you such issues. If the "chi" is good, you should be enjoying tip top health.

But first, you may want to do a full medical checkup to make sure that everything is alright first. Also, sometimes taking plant based food, goji berry, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and fruit juices can help to revitalize your body back to its good shape. Eating right is equally important.

Next, enter your home from the main entrance and see if there is any pathway, room or corner of the house that is too dark. This include the furnishings and wall colors. The ceiling must not be black or dark in color. They will put your health in jeopardy if they are too dark. We had come across a young healthy man who moved into house with totally black interiors and he soon became very ill and died within 3 years. His mother came to us for advice, but he refused to change anything in the beginning. That was really a sad case that could have its ending changed for the better.

But there are cases where even when the walls are white and there are plenty of windows around, the house may still look dark and gloomy. Such are cases of "yin formation". Yin energies magnify further during months of Qing Ming, 5th lunar month and Hungry Ghost Festival (7th lunar month). Proper space clearing with singing bowl and genuine sandalwood incense ingots need to be performed weekly for such houses. You will feel and instant difference after doing that. Placement of feng shui artifacts and symbols in the long term will also be unavoidable to increase its "yang energy". Yes, feng shui objects are considered as "yang". Lights in certain areas may need to be turned on 24/7. Health condition and mental fogging will get cleared eventually after a few weeks.

Next, check three important areas:
1. Your stove and the kitchen - make sure that there is no beam above the stove suppressing it and there is no #2 and #5 affliction in the kitchen. If there is a beam above it, hang a pair of brass flutes over the beam. If there is such affliction, make sure that you cure with strong cures such as the 8 Immortals Wulous and the Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagodas.

2. Your main door - make sure that there is no annual affliction arriving at your main door. If yes, do cure them with annual cures. And check that there is no "shar chi" pointed at your main door from your neighbours opposite. In general, an all time protection will be to have a pair of Mantra Enhanced Fu Dogs guarding the main door or sitting on a table facing the maindoor from the foyer inside. The main door is where all the bad chi or dark forces would choose to enter from. Fu Dogs are extremely "yang" and powerful guardians that can vanquish away such type of malevolent energies.

3. Your bed - make sure that there is no mirror reflecting any part of your bed. If yes, please cover the mirror with stickers or wall paper. Having hanging lights and ceiling fan above your bed is also absolutely a taboo. Remove them including the fan hook. Fan hook can lead to suicide hanging in the long term. Check that there is no beam above your bed and the ceiling must be totally flat. If not, you will need to hang the brass flutes. It is always a good practice to display the 100 Wulous Plaque on the wall of your bed or next by the side table next to your bed for health protection.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: New to Feng Shui and Seeking for Help

Hi Feng Shui masters,
I love your website and I have bought several pieces on your website. I just recently moved and bought a new apartment as I am making renovations. I am just trying to apply Feng shui by myself to the best of my ability but I am confused about a basic Feng shui application:
1) Bagua application: How to apply the Bagua? I am confused if I need to apply it by standing facing my apartment entrance door, standing facing the door (career area) OR if standing facing my door, I should look at my compass looks like I am facing SW direction, which means is Love & Relationships?

2) Office space in a home - Of course, COVID makes all work from home, I set up my working table in the living room as I don't have other rooms to work, and I don't want to know If there are any best practices on that regard. Best position facing. color of the table, etc.

3) My apartment entrance door faces directly my bedroom. This is something I cannot change. A cure for that, I thought I could paint the bedroom door in a dark color for protection, like chocolate brown/black. Do you think this is a good idea? if not, what other cure options I have?

Lastly, I would like a recommendation of qualified Feng Shui masters in NYC to have a full consultation.



Hello Eva,
You will need to imagine elevating yourself to the helicopter view and looking down at your floor plan. Draw a tic-tac-toe with nine equal squares on your house plan. The best is to stand in the center of the house and find where the north is. Once you have the north, the rest of the 7 other directions will fall into their places accordingly.

It is always best to face any one of your four directions according to your kua number. Facing the SW does not mean you will attract love and relationship. The color of the table is best light in color. Never go for dark tones. Then set up with enhancers that will build your reputation (fame) and connections in order to help elevate your career. But mostly, what you should focus on is protection against petty people who may want to pull you down in the corporate world. Two popular ones that are very much sought after are the Five Element Horses and the Eagle Totem.

Are you living in a studio apartment. You should have something set in between the door and the bed eg a partition or a curtain.

We do have our own panel master from Hong Kong who does a far better job. We only link the service to our clients. All proceeds go directly to the master.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Water Filter Direction, Fish Tank in the NE, Increasing Music Ability and Stopping Son from Telling Lies
Hi FS Scholar,
Here are the birthdates of who live in the house. Any advice greatly appreciated.
Father 13/11/1957
Mother(me) 13/7/1968
Son 7/5/2007

1. I have my water filter in the centre in the kitchen and can't move it. Is it ok there or would there be a remedy to use so I can leave it there? Also, have a fish tank in North East is that ok?

2. Is there anything to help us to have the motivation to exercise and eat healthily. We are all overweight.

3. Is there anything else to increase music ability. I ordered two pi pa.

4. Is there anything for my son and me for running late/always rushing.

5. Is anything to stop my son telling lies.

Many thanks


Hello Julie,
The guardian star of the Father is #7 (metal element). His guardian star is moderate. Therefore his luck needs to be boosted with elemental intervention. Using strong earth elements such as natural stones and crystals will be very beneficial to him. You may consider placing the six yellow fluorite balls next to his bedside.

The guardian star of the Mother is #1 (water element). Your guardian star is weak and therefore more susceptible to harm. Therefore your luck needs to be boosted with elemental intervention. Using strong metal elements such as metal ornaments and enhancers will be beneficial to you. You may consider having a string of powerful 9 Emperor Coins by your side of the bed.

The guardian star of the Son is #2 (earth element). His guardian star is very strong and therefore he is less susceptible to harm. There is no need to proactive elemental intervention unless his bedroom is not ideal for him.

1. It is alright to have a water filter in the center of the kitchen unless it is facing the cooking stove. If it is, then water clashes with fire and you may want to move the water filter away. In general a fish tank in the NE is not ideal unless you have Water Star #8 in that direction. Water in the NE will sink the mountain and give problems to luck in Period 8. You may move your fish tank to safer locations such as the east, southeast and north of your house (provided they are not bedrooms).

2. In feng shui, overweight is not considered as a problem :). In the past only the rich could afford to be overweight, therefore there is no cure developed in feng shui to address overweight. You will need to emphasize on self discipline on weight management if you are inclined to losing weight.

3. It should be sufficient. But if you like to add more dosage, you can also activate the annual Wen Chang Star #4 which is the star of creativity and special talents. You may display the Fortune Bamboo in the southwest.

4. Haha. Again this is self discipline. However, this happens normally due to procrastination. There is one enhancer that is very popular among feng shui practitioners to speed things up, which is the Horse on Swallow.

5. Telling lies is common among kids. Most importantly is they will grow out of such a habit as they get older. It is therefore very important to ensure they move towards the correct path. You may want to give him this specail amulet to be hung beside his bed or carried along in his school bag.

Also very important is to ensure that he knows who the chief is to suppress his inclination towards telling lies. You may want to increase your authority luck as the mother of the family by displaying a powerful set of Ru Yi in the southwest corner of the house or living room.

Good luck to you and your family.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

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