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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #21

1. Do cures need to be changed every year? What is best when facing promotion challenges? What can be done to ensure a smooth labor?
2. Solar Eclipse and Lunar Elipse Cures
3. Boosting Stock Market Luck
4. What if the Almanac says this is a Bad Month to Open a New Business?

Question 1: Do cures need to be changed every year? What is best when facing promotion challenges? What can be done to ensure a smooth labor?

Hi, Good day to you. I have previously purchased a few feng shui items from your store and I am interested in purchasing a couple more. I had a question on what I have purchased before. Do previously purchased items have to be replaced? Like after a certain duration, do we have to change them or we can just cleanse them?

My husband has a dragon tortoise and a ru yi at work which he has felt has created the right energy for his career. He just changed to a new role and there are some challenges. For cures pertaining to one's work, must it always be placed in the office or can we also place it at home? His job is a 24/7 role which means he needs to be connected to work if the need arises. Recently, there has been several problems at work that he has been having to wake up in the middle of the night to follow up on issues. Is there any cure that we can place by his bedside (or anywhere else in the home) to ensure things will be smooth at night and he can get proper rest without disruption?

I now have a question for myself. I am due to give birth in Oct. I had a tough labor and recovery with my first pregnancy. What cure would you suggest for women wishing for a smooth labor and a healthy child and mum. Thank you.



Hi Shanthini,
It depends.
1. For example the Tai Sui Plaque and Tai Sui Talisman will need to be replaced because every year the Tai Sui deity is different. There are 60 grand dukes.
2. For baguas and windchimes that are used to cure poison arrows from external environment, you have to change every one year because their energies get drained very quickly.
3. For other statues of deities and buddhas, you do NOT change them. They stay for good with you and will continue to bless you till the end.
4. For cures against strong afflictions such as 5 Yellow and 2 Illness, you will need to exercise your own discretion. You may change annually. But if you are on budget, you can try smoking them with genuine “sandalwood” incense ingots.
5. Whenever you feel they are no longer warding off the afflictions, quickly add more dosages of cure.
6. As for enhancers, when you need better streams of income, just add on dosage by getting more new items. You can keep enhancers for a lifetime.

Next, to address career challenges, you may consider the Royal Power Elephant. The precious elephant is a powerful symbol of tibetan buddhism for victory. It is able to stump on any obstacles along the way. It can be placed at home too. At his home work desk or in the universal career north corner. Promotion and salary increase will most likely be followed by more work on the shoulder. This is a good problem. However, if you have specific wishes to achieve, you may let him have the Desire Actualized Amulet under his pillow or hung on his side of the bed.

The question pertaining to smooth labor is far more important concern than your husband's career. For pregnant ladies, it is very important to make sure the health is always at the tip top to enable a smooth labor and healthy child.
a. Firstly, this is the Year of Rat. Your child is therefore going to be having the zodiac Rat. It is therefore very important to recognize the year's zodiac. At the same time the symbol of chilin is always also a connotation of having a strong baby born in a particular year. Therefore display the Chilin Boosted Fortune Rat combination in the north.
b. Secondly, make sure that your main door has no poison arrows from the exterior environment, not afflicted by negative energies and is well protected. Normally the main door is where all the luck starts and also the path where any untoward happenings is brought into the house. And you must not screw or nail anything during pregnancy. Therefore, the best is to get a pair of Fulin Dogs to protect the maindoor at all times. It will also help in the year where the violent star #7 in the center is spreading its malevolent energies to all directions and where its job is to rob. It can rob away lives, health, family happiness, finances etc. Therefore those who are pregnant need to be extra cautious this year to ensure both mother and baby need to stay safe..
c. Then make sure the annual #5 and annual #2 are both properly combatted for good health the entire year. The annual #5 must be cured with Sun And Moon Pagodas and the annual #2 must be addressed with the Double Wulous.
d. Last but not least, wear the Goddess of Mercy pendant to obtain her blessing and protection of both mother and child. The compassionate Goddess of Mercy is the best motherly bodhisattva to help you conceive a child smoothly and safely.

Good luck to you and your family.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse Cures

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
I own a shop that opens its door widely every day along a main road in Singapore. I read a facebook post by a feng shui master that the Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse must be avoided else it could bring bad luck for up to 2 years. I cannot shutter the shop when things like the solar and lunar eclipses happen. It is not possible for everybody to hide at home when eclipses happen and the master has no cure for it. Can you advise if there are cures for such situations?

Best regards,
Ms Tan


Hi Ms Tan,
Firstly, we like to confirm that the solar and the lunar eclipses can bring misfortunes to those who are exposed to its rays. Its detrimental effects can last up to 5 years to be exact, and not merely 2 years. From feng shui point of view, they bring malevolent energies because of the inequibilirium of yin and yang. In ancient times, this phenomenon is known as the Sky Dog Eating the Sun or Sky Dog Eating the Moon. During the solar eclipse, ancient people would come out at large to bang on their metal pots aloud on the streets to create massive "yang energy" to protect against such inequibilirium and also to scare away the Sky Dog.

Even though the sun is covered for a short period of time during the eclipse, that is already enough for dark forces of other dimensions to cast their notorious forces in bringing misfortunes to the people. It is also the time when the heavens are incapable of watching over the evils and ghosts, being the reason why black magicians will conduct their rituals during such hours where their success rate will be 100%. Unfortunately some would fall prey to death charms after the solar eclipses.

The solar eclipse was also viewed by ancient palace wizards to be a sign of undesired change of the emperor, no matter how powerful he was. In modern times, this translates to the change of a government, like what had just happened to Malaysia in February 2020 after a solar eclipse happened above Malaysia in December 2019. From the household perspective, it can translate to undesired changes to the happiness and finances of a family, particularly in career or financial losses of the patriarch.

On the other hand, the lunar eclipse can cause relationship break ups, divorces, family disintegration and unhappiness. This has to be avoided too.

To avoid it, one will need to stay indoor at home with all "chi entry points" such as doors and windows closed.. For those who don't have that kind of luxury, one can remedy this by bringing out a pair of Mantra Enhanced Fu Dogs on a table facing the main door. The main door is where all the bad chi or dark forces would choose to enter from. Fu Dogs are extremely "yang" and powerful guardians that can vanquish away such type of malevolent energies. In your case, if it is not convenient to place the Fu Dogs permanently at your entrance to the shop, you can keep them and bring them out again each time you need their assistance. For homes, we normally will advise that the Mantra Enhanced Fu Dogs are placed at the main entrance permanently for protection the entire time, especially this year where the Violent Star #7 is so aggressively robbing everyone's happiness, finances and health and affecting doors that are facing all directions.

Next, you may consider playing with the 7 Metals Singing Bowl or ringing the Bell for that one minute when the full eclipse happens. Remember that all evil spirits are unable to withstand the south of metal on metal, as a result they cannot come near to your space when you do that. Even the exorcists are getting them from us for their rituals.

If you have been exposed to the solar eclipse before you are able to implement the cure and like to avoid the detrimental effects which may hit on you anytime in the next five years, you can wear the divine Dorje Safety Pendant. It is inscribed with the taoist talisman of "REMOVAL OF MISHAPS, DISASTERS, ACCIDENTS AND NEGATIVIES".

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Boosting Stock Market Luck
Hi Scholar,
A very good morning. You helped me gained in gold back in 2013, and I am always grateful for that. Do you have any tips on how to activate luck in stock market so that I can see opportunities and ride on the correct ones.



Hello Santa,
First and foremost, two simple steps must be done to safeguard and protect your luck first before one can consider activating "windfall luck". Playing with stocks is in this category.

In 2020, the Robbery Star #7 in the center palace of every home is the main culprit that robs away finances if it is not properly remedied. Its ultra-aggressive malevolent energy is spread towards the 8 directions. One should place the Fulins in the center and another pair of Mantra Enhanced Fu Dogs flanking the maindoor to bite away the robbery star and suppress further financial losses due to economic crisis and recession. We have to emphasize how important this step is.

Next, you will need to check if your zodiac sign is in conflict with the Tai Sui. Those who are in conflict with the Tai Sui will be most susceptible to losses and changes from good to bad. If yes, you will need to invite his Plaque home and display in the north sector of the living room as a symbol of respect. If your house or your maindoor is facing the North, you are also susceptible to the wrath of Tai Sui.

After that, you may start to consider ushering in immense prosperity energy from Annual Wealth Star #8 to enhance business acumen and promote inflow of new income. To activate this wealth star, display the Citrine Tree of Life in the northwest of your house.

Then activate the 2020 windfall corner at the southeast. The SOUTHEAST has the arrival of the Heaven Star #6 (also known as Wu Qu Nobility White Star). Unexpected windfall is indicated if this part of the house is activated. This star will also help you recover quickly in your investments. To activate heaven's luck effectively, you can display the Treasure Chest in this sector. With the ability to develop new avenues of wealth growth and attract windfall, the Wealth God in the Treasure Chest lets you enjoy abundance filled with likelihood of windfall together with stable income streams. Being the symbol of "heaven luck", the Wealth God magnetizes prosperity and unexpected financial gains.

Last but not least, it is always advisable to carry along or have with you the Pi Yao Abacus amulet or the Heaven's Flag Amulet that protects you from obstacles and at the same time paves way to incredible windfall.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: What if the Almanac says this is a Bad Month to Open a New Business?
Hi FS Scholar,
I am planning to launch my business this July. But I saw your recent post about 5th month and it is not advisable because it's not good for new ventures. However, in the almanac, it also says 6th and 7th lunar months are not good for grand openings (which I was trying to avoid). Unfortunately, my products are perishables. Is there anything I can do or cures to buy so I can still push through with my plan?

Maria Padios-Robles


Hello Maria,
There are ways to avert anything untoward for starting a new business in 5th lunar month. To protect against all odds, you may hang the Lucky Windmill facing the door of your business premises.
This is a very common practice of taoist practitioners where they go to the temples to obtain the lucky windmill.

Next is to invite the Quiren to be placed at the cash register to navigate through difficulties and elevate sales. The Quiren is very effective in giving you hidden hands in overcoming all obstacles and bringing you the needed customers.

Lastly, you should consider carrying the Piyao which is said to clear all obstacles and obstructions from a bad period selected for opening a business.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

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