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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #20

1. Two Simple Steps in Activating Children's Luck
2. How to Risk Assess Mountain-Base-Water Stars Combination?
3. House in Las Vegas Seeking To Improve Business Luck
4. Love and Happiness for LGBT


Question 1: Two Simple Steps in Activating Chidren's Luck

Hello my friend,
I hope things are good and well for you and loved ones despite the pandemic . I see that you have put up new and innovative Artifacts for on your site recently which is sparking joy, interests amid the lower than usual economical sentiments . Needed a bit of professional input from you for sure, hoping you can share with me from a feng shui perspective:
- Iím Looking at starting a family with kiddos coming into our lives , are there energy infused elephants available from your store ; and how I should be placing them at home
- there are a couple of three legged money frogs available on your end . Iím interested in a couple of it and was thinking to use them as door stopper and Fengshui items at the same time . What is your take on this approach .
- it looks like thereís a very high likelihood I might be the rising to a senior management or eventually offered a stake in the organisation. Are there any means or accelerate and ascertain this aspect of advancement with stability ; getting to a higher level of authority.

Before you reply , thank you very much for sharing remedy and putting smile on faces , reinstating lives. Hear from you soon.

Keep well and stay sane always!



Hi Gary,
Thank you for your kind compliments and we are happy to help in whatever way we can :)

1. Congratulations on your decision to start a family and wanting to invite kids into your life. This is a joyful decision that you have made to complete your life...beautiful decision. There are two important sectors of your house that you may want to activate your children's luck. These two sectors must not be missing corners:
a. West corner - this is where you want to remove water element so that it will not affect children's luck. Water element here means a pond or an aquarium. Once it is ready, you may consider displaying the Heavy Bronze Unicorn Bestowing Offsprings. You will need this strong symbol that comes together with strong metal element in order to activate the luck to conceive. The other alternative will be to display the Laughing Buddha with Kids in this west corner.
b. Northeast corner - the early heaven bagua of this direction is zhen and later heaven bagua of this direction is gen. Zhen kua refers married male without children. To avoid the early heaven, you will need to activate the gen kua of this sector which refers to youngest son. The best method to do this is to display the Wealth Turbocharging Pagoda which has a Gen kua on it. Hong Kong masters always use this method to help their clients with much success.

2. Using the Three Legged Money Frog as a door stopper may not be a good idea. Anything related to wealth must be treated with appropriate intention and not diverted attention. If you set the intention as a door stopper, then it is a door stopper and nothing else. We have a superior version of Money Frog that you may want to consider getting.

3. As for accelerating your career rise, this is a sure win formula in 2020. To harness good luck rapidly, you will need to focus on activating three sectors of your home. These are the three sectors that have positive energies in 2020 that can bring you good luck rapidly. We are talking about strong energy that is needed now. Although some other sectors may have positive energies too, but they are either only moderate or weak, so lets focus mainly on these three sectors:
a. Northwest - This is the sector that empowers wealth. This is also the sector that enables you to scale your salary. It is also the sector for activating recurring income streams, which means stability in income stream. You will need to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with a powerful wealth symbol such as the Citrine Tree of Life.
b. Northeast - This is the sector that enables you to get support from important people such as your boss or your subordinates. This sector when activated can also turn what you have done during this period into an asset that last forever. For employees, this will add advantage to your intrapreneurship and higher level of authority. You can consider to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with The Ru Yi Jingu Bang Magical Staff.
c. West - This is the sector that will empower you with a blessed life for you and your family which leads to ultimate happiness throughout the year. A pleasant life with no big pitfalls is important in the beginning of a higher position. Having no pitfalls means stability. You can consider to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with the Lady of Nine Heavens Feng Shui Goddess.

Good luck to you and your family.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: How to Risk Assess Mountain-Base-Water Stars Combination?

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
I have bought the Lady of 9 Heavens and I have received it. She's so lovely and definitely one of the most beautiful things I ever bought for my house :)))))

But I have a question about placing her: does it matter in which corner of the living room I place her? My concern is if she's a fire cure and I have placed in the living room where natal flying stars should not be activated with fire (you suggest placing her in the west where fire star 9 is for the year ). I have temporarily placed her in the west corner of living room as suggested (where I have a combination of mountain star 1 and water star 7 on 8 base star) and I's prefer to place her in the North ( mountain 5 -water 7 on 2 base star) or at the Northwest (Mountain 2 Water 8 on 7 base star). On the other hand I read on the detail page about her that she fixes all flying star and shar chi problems, so placing her anywhere in the living room doesn't matter and she will fix the natal flying stars in the entirety of the house?

My second question is how to fix star 2 and star 5 without harming star 8. I have a combination of : Mountain 2 and Water 8 (on base 7 star) at the NW and Mountain 8 and Water 5 (on base 1) at the South.

I have bought two enhancers for star 8 - the Wealth Turbo Music Pagoda and the Limitless Money Hanging Tree. I have bought the Longevity Crane Amulet which I hang in the South to cure the annual 2 star which flew there, but I am puzzled about which permanent cures I should use for star 2 and star 5 in these places without harming star 8, since they require big metal which destroys earth. Also at the North of the house where I have the mountain 5 - water 7 combination - which permament cure should I buy? Would a wood cure like the Bamboo fix this?

I'd like to thank you for all the advice you have given me, this has been so helpful for me!

Best regards,
Fotini C


Hi Fotini,
Natal stars take a long time to get activated or subdued. From our audit experiences, it will take 9 months to 9 years for natal stars' to get activated or subdued, normally longer than a year at least. All experienced feng shui masters know this, therefore they safely recommend annual charts to be addressed every year for quicker results because many today are quick witted and wanting to see results faster. Annual enhancers and cures are therefore generalized for all types of houses without the fear of interaction with natal stars. Therefore you need not worry about the fire energy from the Lady of Nine Heavens firing up certain mountain or water stars in certain sectors. In fact, you should not mix up the natal chart and the annual chart together. You address the charts separately. First neutralize the natal chart permanently, then neutralize annual chart annually. Yes, placing the Lady of Nine Heavens anywhere in the living room does not matter and she will fix the natal flying stars in the entirety of the house.

For long term fixes which generate long term outcome, everyone has to eventually fix the natal chart. We are glad you are proactively looking into this. This is what feng shui audit from masters normally focus on. It may take longer for results to manifest, but the results are solid and lasting for years. Out of the three stars, base star is the strongest, the water star is strong and the mountain star is the weakest. In the case of 2-7-8 (weak earth- very strong metal-strong earth), metal from base subdues earth leaving residue metal that will in turn subdue further a little the 2. Therefore anything symbolic of a wulou is sufficient to address Mountain Star #2, even if it is not made from metal, but metal is better. We should not be too worried about this Mountain #2 because it is weak in this situation. The Water Star #8 will not automatically give you anything good if you do not activate it since its energy has been depleted by the base star. Therefore, you can display your Wealth Turbocharging Pagoda here to activate it.

8-1-5 (weak earth - strongest water - strong earth) will see a situation where Water Star #5 cannot be subdued by water from base. Therefore this leaves a dangerous situation where Water Star #5 is strong and needs to be subdued with the strong Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda. It can rip off your finances causing misfortunes in the long term if it is not being countermeasured. The Mountain Star #8 with no resistance at all will do its usual job to be of assistance to your relationship and health luck once the Water #5 is subdued.

Your Period 6 Home should yield a base star #2 in the north. 5-2-7 (weak earth - strongest earth - strong metal) will leave residue earth energy after base star try to interact with water star. This residue earth energy will magnify Mountain Star #5. It is highly recommended to counter measure this issue with the strong Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda. If not, it may bring about accidents/disasters or fatality health problems.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: House in Las Vegas Seeking To Improve Business Luck
Hi Scholar,
I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. My apartment is in the EAST sector of the building, my door faces South and there is a fireplace in my southeast corner (we've never used it). Can you recommend a couple of items for the door and to enhance the money/wealth/business flow. Thank you!

Shelli Speaks


Hello Shelli,
If your apartment occupies the east sector of the building, that means the entire space you are living in is afflicted with #5-Yellow, which is what we fear most. This nasty #5-Yellow can trigger health problems and financial problems if not properly cured. Its function is to lead to fatality and bankruptcy. You may consider displaying the Sun and Moon Five Element Pagodas in the east sector of your house as soon as possible.

The fireplace still symbolizes FIRE element even though it is not used. Shapes, actual features and symbols will affect feng shui whether we use them or not. For example in our surrounding environment, natural forms or man made features of certain shapes will still symbolize something that affects the overall chi of that area and paving to certain types of fortune or misfortune for that city, whether those forms or features have activities within them or not. In this case, the southeast is wood element and is actually a universal wealth direction. If it is burnt by fire, it will create income instability and inability to save money. You may consider remedying the problem by displaying the Kun Hexagram Cure at the fire place.

The south direction has two major problems:
1. Sui Po (the effects are the same as Tai Sui affliction)
2. 3-Killings

When a door faces the Sui Po, it is not ideal. This situation will need you to display the Tai Sui Pi Yao in the vicinity and facing out towards the door. Without any cure, the situation can lead to unwanted major changes in life. Occupants of this house are encouraged to carry along the Tai Sui Talisman to safeguard individual luck because of the offending of Tai Sui.

The door facing the 3-Killings is "better" than having a back facing the 3-Killings. However, that does not mean it is auspicious to face the 3-Killings. 3-Killings are mountain robbers that rob away your wealth, health and relationship. Its effects is feared as much as the #5 Yellow. Do consider remedying the problem by displaying the 3 Chilins facing the main door as the best cure to the issue.

To enhance money/wealth/business flow, first thing first is to protect against losses. The Robbery Star #7 in the center is very strong and fierce this year and practically fiercely ripping everyone off their money. You must fix money leakage problem by displaying the Fulins in the center.

After that, you may want to consider ushering immense prosperity energy from Annual Wealth Star #8 to enhance business acumen and promote inflow of new income. To activate this wealth star, display the Citrine Tree of Life in the northwest of your house. This will also at the same time activate the Chien Kua of your house that brings vitality in long term snowballing of your wealth. It can pave way to other business opportunities for you as well.

And it will be advisable to gather much divine help to lighten the effects from crisis and emerge unscathed. We did observe that those who had the image of Kwan Kung in their business premises had little to no impact from 1997ís and 2008ís financial crisis across asia. We suggest you get the one in a fire element robe (purple or red) because the year needs fire to overcome problems. Display his figurine facing your main door or at your work desk.

Lastly, the sounds of bells revitalizes chi and attracts business luck. You may want to consider having one that rings with very good rhythm and regularly. Hang it where there is wind outside the house.

It is highly recommended that you perform frequent space clearing of your house with sound (singing bowl) and scent (incense ingots). This will instantly wake up the revitalizing chi of your house.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Love and Happiness for LGBT
Hi Scholar,
Can you suggest amulet to have a love and happiness. I am part of LGBT community or Bisexual. I want to have a partner in life and to attract love. Can you suggest any enhancers. Thank you for non stop helping me.

Nasser Saboriendo


Hello Nasser,
Love is the main power of life, like a battery that keeps a gadget on. Love is also equal and everyone deserves love. For gay males, one can activate the northwest corner with love enhancers. For lesbians, one can activate the southwest corner with love enhancers. We have had thousands of happy results for long term sustainable relationships in the past 17 years from this one important God of Love.

To fire up romance and mutual attraction initially, you may increase love doses with the followings in the same corner:
1. Rose Quartz Hearts
2. Rose Quartz Love Tree
3. Love Amulet

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

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