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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #19

1. Your boss suddenly giving you a hard time?
2. Feng Shui Remedy to Prevent Cholesterol Problem
3. Laid Off and Using Feng Shui to Restart


Question 1: Your boss suddenly giving you a hard time?

Hello Feng Shui Scholar,
Can I be helped, bad times, birth aug 7, 1963 female 7:00 am CST USA, my boss is giving me hard time this year, I worked 30 years but can not afford to quits, have to support my family? I am a teacher. I am being discriminated due to my age, and physical handicap. My husband's birth date was june 29, 1959 10:00 am baghdad, iraq birth. He had 2 heart attacks, 21 electric shocks, 4 stems. Cardio arythlmia, and he is also a teacher. Actual heart attacks in May 2019. He stayed in hospital for 1 month. Build in 1995, we stay in an apartment. Main door in the east facing east. Kitchen in middle east. In the center of the house has a long narrow hallway, hallway between in middle of kitchen bathrooms and bedrooms. Main bedroom in the north. South living room. Cannot make alterations to apartment. I have very low affordability. Much debt, much bad health, what can I do?



Hi Spring,
Everything you have described above confirmed to the situations that you are facing. Since the rootcauses are clearly known, you may use counter measures to remedy those problems easily.

1. The main door is the mouth of the house. And therefore the maindoor affects the entire family's well being. If the main door is threatened, then the entire household could be affected. Since it is located in the east and facing east, it is not so ideal in 2020. This is because there is a 5-Yellow in the east. Feng shui practitioners fear this star the most. 5-Yellow causes two things if not cured. It will cause fatality to individuals or bankruptcy. This star's is actually a notorious ghost. There are remedies for the 5-Yellow. So you need not be afraid. Depending on your affordability, you may select what suits you the best. 5-Yellow is earth element. Therefore, to control earth element, you need strong symbols of metal element. The cheapest way to cure it is to use a 6 rods windchime. You may hang it in the vicinity of your main door, either hang it on its door knob or next/near to the door. Since your kitchen is also in the east, stop cooking excessively because when you cook, the fire energy will make the 5-Yellow fiercer.

2. As for your boss being mean to you recently, it could be caused by your rabbit zodiac's conflict with the Tai Sui and your bedroom situated in the north where Hostility Star #3 is in 2020. You will need to carry along a genuine Tai Sui Talisman to work. If you do not appease the Tai Sui, he will make "changes in your life", such as losing your job. In the bedroom, there is a Hostility Star #3 situated there in 2020. And since you are sleeping there 8 hours a day, you are afflicted. The cheapest and most effective way to cure this is to display the 3 Triangular Fire Prisms in your bedroom.

3. As for your husband's horoscope luck, he is at all time low. There are fatality gods in his constellation of Pig zodiac. Therefore, you ought to take good care of him. Besides that, you will need to make sure a few things are well taken care of:
a. Besides the 5-Yellow being remedied as told above, you ought to also remedy the Illness Star #2 in your living room where the south sector is. You may use an affordable Brass Wulou as remedy.
b. His individual luck will need to be increased with the Blue Medicinal Buddha Amulet placed under his pillow or under the mattress where he sleeps on. This will protect his health from further deterioration.

4. Both of you are summer children born in summer. Both of you are too strong in fire element. Fire is not good for you. During summer months, you can get into trouble. Like heart attack happening in may 2019 and trouble with boss in may 2020. Suggest both of you wear a lot of blue and And drink a lot of water to make up the weak element.

Good luck to you and your family. May you be blessed with good health and better fortune. We are sending you lots of love!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Feng Shui Remedy to Prevent Cholesterol Problem

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
How do you do? My cholesterol is very high and the doctor has given me 6 months to bring it down, if not he will put me in permanent medication. Can you recommend any feng shui remedy for this please? Thank you.

PS:I am also doing other stuffs to bring it down.



Hi Wen,
We found that obtructions in walkways and paths inside ones house almost all the time caused cholesterol which lead to blocked arteries of individuals. First thing first, do check from your main door all the way deep into your house through all hallways. If there are big furniture pieces and unwanted items stacked along pathways, clear them. When the paths in the house are blocked, it will cause arteries to get blocked as well. When pathways are cleared and windows are opened during the day time, chi will flow smoothly through the house to heal health problems.

Next, to remedy "current health problems" that just started, it is best to remedy the "annual" illness sectors which are the east and south in 2020. In the south, display the Enhanced 8-Immortals Double Wulou. In the east, which is a fatality direction in 2020 which leads to long term illnesses, you should consider remedying with the fool proof Sun and Moon Five Element Pagodas.

Last but not least, you may also want to consider protecting your individual health luck by displaying a Mantra Enhanced Brass Wulou next to your bed where you spend 8 hours a day resting your body. Sleeping time will benefit you because it is the tiem when your body heals itself.

May you be blessed with good health and longevity. Good luck.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Laid Off and Using Feng Shui to Restart
My husband got laid off last week by his employer of 17 years and although he was generously given a severance pay, he still needs to find work asap so we can save some of that money for our retirement. His birthday is May 23 1970 if that would help, thanks so much again:)

Ethel Gasmen


Hello Ethel,
Hello Ethel. Greetings. Sounds like it was a good package and you are taking it positively. Actually if there is a good package given, he is considered as very lucky already. And to look at it from another angle, now that he is given a package to stay at home and away from his work place so that he can have full time doing social distancing, probably it is a blessing from heaven to keep him and the family alive and safe. This is after all a good blessing.

The fact that you are preparing for your future is very good. You are being kind to your future! When you give it some thoughts, then the path will become easier for you. He may want to think of starting a business! Big or small does not matter. As long as he is earning through decent means. To enable the turnaround of luck from being a salary earner to become a possible boss himself, you may get the Luck Super Charger for him and display it at his work desk. This special implement is known as the "Niu Zhuan Qian Kun" which connotes "Overturning Heaven and Earth". It is not only a popular phrase that expresses the sentiment of "overcoming unfortunate situations and changing them to more favorable outcomes", but is in fact the true metaphysics method to re-programme your luck so that it is always free from obstacles, mishaps, disasters and misfortunes. This powerful implement breaks the code of "Qian-Kun trigrams" to pulverize all negative forces and clear blocked pathways paving you to a smoother and less aggravating year.

To harness good luck rapidly, you will need to focus on activating three sectors of your home. These are the three sectors that have positive energies in 2020 that can bring you good luck rapidly. We are talking about strong energy that is needed now. Although some other sectors may have positive energies too, but they are either only moderate or weak, so lets focus mainly on these three sectors:
1. Northwest - This is the sector that empowers profit, income, sales and wealth. This is also the sector that enables you to build, scale and grow your business. It is also the sector for activating recurring income streams. You will need to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with a powerful wealth symbol such as the Citrine Tree of Life.

2. Northeast - This is the sector that enables you to get support from important people such as your boss or your clients. This sector when activated can also turn what you have done during this period into an asset that last forever. For employees, this will add advantage to your intrapreneurship. For those in business or self employed, this will enable you for a successful planning that leads to great outcome. You can consider to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with The Ru Yi Jingu Bang Magical Staff.

3. West - This is the sector that will empower you with a blessed life for you and your family which leads to ultimate happiness throughout the year. A pleasant life with no big pitfalls is important during times of crisis. You can consider to activate this sector of the house or the direction in your living room with the Lady of Nine Heavens Feng Shui Goddess.

Take time to look at these suggestions. And take steps to do up your feng shui.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

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