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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #18

1. How To Remedy Nightmares?
2. How Can Non-Stop Cash Outflows Be Overcome?
3. Is the solution for White Tiger the same as Flying Star's remedy?

Question 1: How to Stop Nightmares?

Hello Feng Shui Scholar,
I have been working from home lately. Maybe it doesn't make me tired and this led me to a lot of frightening nightmares. The dreams seem to be so real. Please help.



Hi Wanda,
Firstly, I am assuming that you have set up a workstation at home for virtual meeting using zoom, microsoft team etc. The frequency of your cell phone usage may have increased too perhaps. And you may be using more electronic gadgets, power points, routers and wires than usual. Or you could have upgraded your home broadband with stronger wifi magnifier. Do take note that there is electomagnetic field (shar chi) emitted by them actually. We have a case from where her neighbour's strong wifi penetrated through her wall causing her healthy cat to fall ill and died mysteriously, and her health and fortune falling apart within just days after the installation of broadband network with a strong router by her neighbour.

This electromagnetic fields that affects you during your day time may continue to resonate with your frequencies through the night. The situation could be worsen if you have a cell phone sitting in your bedroom or is charging at night. The radiofrequency originating from both the device and battery can connect you with other realms. Medically, there is also the likelihood of developing abnormal cell growth that leads to tumors in the body.

Having nightmare is first signal telling you that the energy fields in your house is chaotic and needs to be addressed.

1. Unplug from power points and turn off the gadgets when they are not in use. Check to make sure that the router and wifi magnifier are not overly strong and giving dangerous levels. Leave your cell phones out of your bedroom at night and charge them far away from you. Do not carry along the cell phone with you at all times. Leave them when they are not necessary.
2. Place the clear quartz cluster in every room of your house, especially along the walls where there you know there is electromagnetic fields emission such as heavily wired walls. You may also place the cluster at the work station, cell phone charging station and together with your router. Clear Quartz crystal cluster is a prismatic hexagonal crystals in compact masses and druses.The Clear Quartz produces a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surroundings of positive ions, protecting the aura. It dispels static electricity, and cancels out the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity. Known as the "HEAT POISON CHI", electromagnetic and radiation waves emitted from mobile phones, electronic pads, notebooks, computers and televisions can harm the health, well being and harmony of individuals. If one is surrounded by such gadgets, a strong remedy like this one will be effective.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: How Can Non-Stop Cash Outflows Be Overcome?

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
I am a feng shui practitioner who had studied under XX (a master whom we want to avoid mentioning). My business has been suffering from a major blow during Q1 and I am bleeding with cash outflow. How do I stop it? My master thought me to face a certain directions at work and avoid using some sectors in my house, but they don’t work effectively during critical times like this. Please give me a better solution.



Hi Junior,
Studying under the master must have costed you a bomb. Facing certain good directions and abstaining from using bad sectors will not bring you exceptional results. In fact, such un-proactive actions will rarely do anything useful for good chi to bring you the actual luck. In order to make feng shui work, you need catalyzers and countermeasures. Good “chi” will not get activated by having your face facing its direction.

Anyway, more importantly I like to point out to you why so many people in the world are facing financial losses this year. And if you fix the root cause properly, you will be able to recover from negative cash flow. The culprit that is causing financial losses to so many people this year is the malicious “Robbery Star #7” which is dominating the center palace of the 9 palaces this year. When this star dominates, it affects all the other 8 directions and all 12 zodiacs where most people and most countries will somehow get afflicted by it. Its duty is to rob away peoples’ wealth and next to cause chaos and violence.

We cannot fix the world’s fate, but we can fix our own fate by putting appropriate countermeasure in the center palace of our own home so that its afflicted energies will be suppressed in our home and not affect all individuals who are living under the same roof. When this affliction in the center is fixed, you will find innovative ways to mitigate the financial effects of the pandemic or there would be new avenues for new cash inflows.

Now that you have understood the culprit of your financial losses, you probably must have learnt under the master that the presence of water will remedy the problem. However, we strongly advise you against that. We like you to know that water is NOT allowed in the CENTER palace as it can bring a host of disasters and accidents. Instead, we can replace water with the “kan hexagram”, which is a symbolic representation of water element. We ought to also add on esoteric, religious, imagistic or magical symbols to make the remedy truely effective. The best will be to display the Fulin Dogs on Treasure Suitcase in any part of the center room of your home.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Is the solution for White Tiger the same as Flying Star's remedy?

Good afternoon. I just read something about the White Tiger. I am a rat person and the other 2 people I'm living with are rat and monkey born people. So all of us offend the White Tiger this 2020. I already have Lady of Nine Heavens, Chilin On a Suitcase, Fuk Luk Sau, Superlative 3 Chilins, Wulou and Pagoda at home. Will these be enough to remedy White Tiger concern.

Maria Padios


Hello Maria,
Good afternoon. The White Tiger is a celestial body that affects certain zodiacs in certain years. What you have above are remedies for flying stars system. They are not related.

Usually when offending the White Tiger, it brings about wicked people trying to put you into troubles in your career especially. They make your plans fall apart with hidden hands behind the scene and you will not notice it at all. In Hong Kong, taoist believers with zodiacs offending the White Tiger normally go to small temples of Tiger Gods under the bridges to perform rites to hit on petty people.

To resolve problems associated to White Tiger, you may consider displaying the Ru Yi Jingu Bang in the northeast and Three Harmony in the north. After remedying the problem, you are assured of a less aggravated year with smoother rides.

Good luck,
Feng Shui Scholar

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