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Application of Pure Feng Shui in Protecting Against Pneumonia Virus - FREE DOWNLOAD OF TAOIST INCANTATION FOR A4 PAPER PRINTING

The scale of devastation brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak is rapid and deep. Many countries are unable to cope with the rapid increase in cases especially in the Europe, UK and USA. Our objective here is simple. We are not here to spread negativities nor trying to create panic. We are trying to help feng shui practitioners around the world to apply "Pure Feng Shui" with the simplest possible method at no cost to overcome the flying stars afflictions in your home and to prevent submission to any ill winds. We have done extensive research on this matter since day one of the outbreak in Wuhan and we have data to tell us how this epidemic can be overcome if we work this out together by supplementing with feng shui. Luck does play a crucial factor. With so many uncertainties ahead, we may want to seek the help of divine blessings besides exercising all scientific and medical steps. We understand that goverments and the medical field cannot tell you to do something unscientific. But for feng shui practitioners who are already believers in the energy world, there is no harm trying this two-step method that is so simple to do. If every household in your city can do this together with social distancing and practising hand hygiene, the chances of overcoming this problem rapidly will be higher.

Step 1: Download this FREE PDF FILE
You may download this free file in this link that contains a page of Taoist Incantation where you will need to print on a piece of RED A4 SIZED PAPER and stick it to your main door front facing out. It has to be red paper and cannot be other colors.

We did not make up this taoist incantation from nothing. But we had referenced it from the logo of the hospital which was built in 10 days in Wuhan, China to fight Covid-19 back in early stages. The hospital is called the Wuhan FIre God Mountain Hospital. The establishment of this new hospital had successfully overcome the epidemic quickly and made Wuhan return back to its normality in less than 2 months with high recovery rate. Those with feng shui eyes examining its logo will immediately find symbols of “early heaven bagua”, the “wulou” and “fire” in it. First and foremost, the early heaven bagua is a powerful killer of evil spirits and negative chi. Meanwhile, the wulou entraps illness evils and is a traditional symbol of healing. Next, the fire symbols are used to weaken metal element Corona Virus. Corona virus causing pneumonia (lung infections) is considered as a form of metal element evil, therefore fire element is crucial in weakening its energy. Last but not least, there is also a taoist “8 sided talismanic chi catalyzer” calling for divine intervention to activate the bagua and wulou. And the end result is amazing as proven by Wuhan's ability to overcome the epidemic so rapidly. This is a good example of how a talisman with pure feng shui using powerful symbols is utilized during desperate times to protect and heal those in the hospital. The factor of luck from this ancient wisdom cannot be neglected when medical science alone cannot cure diseases.

Our master had reinvented the talisman to make it more suitable for home protection. We understand that not every hospital can put up an ancient magic symbol like this, but most homes have no problem doing thist. And if more homes in your city does it, you will be able to overcome the issue fast enough without more lives being put at stake.

Step 2: Prepare Home Made Salt Water Cure for the East and the South
You will need to find a big bucket, container, jar, vase or bowl that is preferably made from metal for better effectiveness. But if you do not have one that is made from metal, forget about going out to search for one. Just get anything you can find at home will do, that is made from plastic, ceramics or glass. Remember that having something is better than nothing. Then get as much sea salt as you can find. Fill the salt up to 2/3 of your container. Then pour water from your tap into the container to fill up to its brim. Then get 6 pieces of coins from your own country's currency and drop them into the container. Place this container set-up in the EAST as your priority. And If you have another container, place the second container set-up in the South.

The reason for this cure to be placed in the east as the priority is because the east is afflicted with the most feared Annual Fatality #5 Yellow Star. When the year begun, if you look at the world map that can be divided into its own flying star chart too, you will realize that China being in the east was the epicenter of the virus that had caused the lives of many. By also studying the impact of monthly flying stars and their directions in different months, we are almost sure that #5 Yellow is the major culprit that is magnifying the virus. Therefore, you cannot leave the east sector of your house un-remedied. It has to be remedied with the salt water cure at least. The more the volume of salt water cure, the more effective is the remedy.

To do it more thoroughly, you should also consider remedying the south which is where the #2 Black Star is. This star can bring about illnesses and health issues and is better remedied than not.

The Privileged Premium Option
For those of you who want to do all the above, but somehow find it troublesome, don't have the resource or time, you may consider something more advance as follows. We had sold many of these protection sets in Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The results have been remarkable. We will include the printout of the Taoist Incantation for your main door front. We will also include pocket sized special Buddhist Mantras for six persons that one can conveniently keep in your wallet or handphone casing. It is believed that just by having these special mantras on you, the viruses will stay away from you.





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