Road Safety


Road Safety
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel and Gold
Dimension(in): 1.5×0.1×0.9in
Weight: 14g


This pendant bestows safety from serious injuries and premature deaths. It offers supreme protection against all forces that threatens your safety on the road. Lighting up your travel paths on the road so that you can progress forward safe and sound, this beautifully crafted dragon fly is inscribed with a powerful Taoist Incantation of ROAD SAFETY that connects to the cosmic realm to protect you against any danger and accident caused by underlying supernatural realms. Unlike Buddhist Mantras, the Taoist Incantations do not allow negotiations with evil spirits but will instead subdue them right away thus averting negativities caused by them. According to taoist belief, it is said that all road accidents are caused by local spirits that are causing mischief. This protective charm channels good energy to fight off bad spirits. Zodiacs whose signs are vulnerable to the year’s afflictions and to the negative feng shui winds where bloodsheds and injuries are indicated can rely on this pendant for protection from premature death. It is simply not worth it to allow serious injuries steal away your happy life leading to long term sufferings. Sometimes the negative impact from a single bad accident can cause so much damage you may take years to recover from it. This safety charm averts accidents, mishaps, bloodshed and road disasters.

On the other hand, the dragonfly is an auspicious symbol of summer and extremely popular among women of the imperial Chinese court. It carries the sentiment “pure” and “pureness of a character”. During the Ming Dynasty (CE1368-1644), a scene of the dragonflies hovering above lotus ponds was a popular decorative motif, the picture of “clear, peaceful waters” symboliIng stability.

This exclusive charm is esthetically crafted in high quality stainless steel. Its design is fabulous, yet futuristic for younger generation. Stainless steel is naturally hypoallergetic and is notorious for being nearly indestructible. It constitutes a meaningful gift for friends and family members.

Note: Comes with free necklace and a free gift box.


Weight 220 g


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