Money and Rosy Love Comes Rolling In


Money and Rosy Love Comes Rolling In
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel and Gold
Dimension(in): 1.75×1.75in
Weight: 50g

This adorable pendant will add a flowery tone to your outfit. The most desirable wish ever happen is to have both money and romance at the same time. Then it will relieve your worry about finances while focusing on dating and relationship. Are you seeking for a rich lover or spouse-to-be? This pendant promises colorful romance and love as well as increasing your wealth. It creates beauty, romance and the amorous feelings of youth. Wearing it will benefit both ladies and gentlemen who are single as it is said to bring many suitors for your hands in marriage. For ladies, it is like a love potion that encourages libido of your desired men. Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. It will make the wearer more attractive than before, thus inviting suitable candidates into your lives. There are two powerful taoist incantation inscribed on it. One catalyzes virtue, brings perfect matches and hopes for successful relationships in romance.The other propels money towards you so that you are showered with wealth luck.

This exclusive charm is esthetically crafted in high quality stainless steel. Its design is fabulous, yet futuristic for younger generation. Stainless steel is naturally hypoallergetic and is notorious for being nearly indestructible. Stunning in esthetics, this graceful pendant constitutes a meaningful and prestigious gift.

Note: Comes with free necklace and a free gift box.

Weight 220 g


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