10 Eye Dzi Bracelet for Karmic Purification


10 Eye Dzi Bracelet for Karmic Purification

Material: Triple Diamond Grade dZi, Amethyst, Tridacna Gigas, Hematite, Clear Quartz Crystal and Black Obsidian
Color: Natural Dzi
Dimension(in): 1.45in dZi bead
Weight: 21g
ID: SL24006

Availability: Only 6 left in stock

A sensual designer piece, this bracelet setting blends the much adored 10 Eye dzi bead with amethyst, tridacna gigas, hematite, clear quartz crystal,  and black obsidian, a creation connoting karmic purification. The 10 Eye dzi plays an important role in purifying ones negative karma. If one has been suffering from prolonged bad luck due to your heaven’s luck, this is the dzi to purify your past and current doings to enhance your luck in the future. Your fortune and wealth luck will become favorable again with the support from heaven. It is also the dzi that increases wisdom and instill ones charisma which is important for anyone who desires to be a leader. This dzi will also bless one with good networking luck so that you can achieve complete “10/10” fortune in life. This bracelet brings favorable benefits and glowing fortune.

Note: This original Dzi bead was made over 15 years ago by a retired producer that had its factory door already shut. Its grade is classified as a triple diamond grade and is no longer available in the market. Currently, out there small quantities of this original Dzi sold by merchants are now only silver graded ones. The gap in price is 10-fold. The bead is made from far older and matured agate and possess strong and darker color, emanating more power. They have been tested and guaranteed to give good fortune vibrations, by our own 3A pure pendulum. Also worth to take note that every piece of dzi is unique on its own because of natural etch behaviour following the molecular grain boundaries of each piece of natural agate. There could potentially be internal grains, blemishes, imperfection and crack lines. Only fake beads which are scientifically manufactured can be repeated perfectly with similar design and colors. Item comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

This bracelet is free-size and can be easily worn by almost all hand sizes (but best for 7.5inch perimeter as standard) because of its “expandable-retractable korean string”.

Natural crystals offered by Feng Shui Bestbuy are cleansed by the singing bowl prior to customer shipment, to ensure refreshment of “chi” when they are delivered to you.

Weight 220 g
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