Star of Longevity (Sau Sing Kung)


Star of Longevity (Sau Sing Kung)
Material: Ceramics
Color: Multicolored
Dimension(in): 2×2.5×3.6in
Weight: 128g
ID: SL21036

An elderly, portly male with a uniquely large cranium, long ears and long drooping eyebrows (a sign of great age), typically holding a perfect peach is the Taoist God of Longevity, Lao Shouxing or just Shouxing (or Sau Sing Kung). The Star of Longevity is the ultimate symbol of longevity and uninterupted health. The Star of Longevity commonly holds a “bat of immortality” on his left hand, the powerful emblem good fortune. On the other hand, the peach hanging from his walking stick is known as the fruit of immortality belonging to Si Wang Mu. All this symbols conjure up wishes for the beneficiary’s longevity. His figurine is thus a popular birthday motif for your parents or any elderly person wishing that they can live up to their ripe ages.

Sau Sing Kung
The Star of Longevity “Sau Sing Kung” is associated to the star in the south pole. This star is often being symbolized by an oldman with protruding forehead, white hair and beard whom attained immortality. He normally carries a dragon crutch, a peach, the fungus of immortality ling tzi and the wu lou (gourd) which have medicinal values. Legend has it that the Star of Longevity began as the star Canopus in the southern constellation Argo, also known as the Old Man of the South Pole. People worshipped this and other stars in the belief that the heavens ruled human fate. “Records of the Historian”, “Shi Ji”, and important document of China’s history written during the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220), states, “peace prevails in the world when the Old Man of the South Pole appears, when he is not present, there is cause for great concern. He often impart virtues to people on the secret of longevity and ask them to avoid greed, negative thinking and arrogance as principles to sustaining longevity and good health. His magical peach is blossomed from the heaven only every 3000 years. His image represents good health and longevity. It is also said that this star god is the one who determines the length of human lives. His presence at home symbolizes granting of longer life by him. He brings good health, less sickness, longevity, immortality, smoother life for elderly people and good fortune in life.

Placement Suggestions
The Star of Longevity Sau Sing Kung blesses one with longevity and good health, and can be placed in the following locations of our homes:

  1. The east (family sector) of our living or dining rooms to symbolize good health for the whole family.
  2. Ones personal Tien Yi directions of the elderly ones or the head of the house to protect them against unnatural death.
  3. Placing the Sau Sing Kung in bedrooms of elderly people are best to signify longevity and a good life worth living till a ripe age.
  4. Get this as a gift for your friends, relatives and parents on their birthdays, or during Father’s day or Mother’s day.

Note: Kindly do not place this important deity in the kitchen and toilet.



Weight 500 g
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