Bajiao Fan – Third Party Affairs Eliminator


Bajiao Fan – Third Party Affairs Eliminator
Material: Brass and earth material
Color: Gold and rosewood
Dimension(in): 1.6×2.4×0.1in Fan; 2x2x1.4in Lotus Stand
Weight: 93g
ID: SL21035

Handsome, sexy, attractive and capable men often get involved with third party scandals due to their “playboy” behaviour or probably due to their “8-Characters” which destined them to have more than one wife. For those who are afraid of losing your beloved male partners to a third party and your relationship from being ruined, you can empower yourself with the Bajiao Fan. Magic Iron Fan (Bajiao) – belonging to the “Princess Iron Fan” (according to the Legend of Monkey God), when summoned her iron fan in the shape of a banana leaf could magnify into a giant size and create giant whirlwinds. She used the iron fan as protection against all sorts of obstacles and dangers. In many cases, she had successfully fanned off and subdued all the third parties who tried to seduce her husband. In reality, taoist practitioners also use the iron fan as magical implement in temple rituals for the same reasons.

The bajiao fan stands majestically on a lotus blossom stand. The lotus blossom is synonymous to first party love where you husband will be longing for sexual desire and intercourse with you. It is a potent tantric metaphor for the wife’s feminine beauty and voluptuousness.

One can display the Bajiao fan in the following sectors:

  1. Display it in your partner’s or husband’s nien yen direction according to his kua number.
  2. Display it in the location of the house where the annual Romance Star #4 is hosted.
  3. Keep it hidden under the bed on the opposite side where your husband sleeps. This is to prevent unwanted sexual activities with the 3rd party.

The Legend of Monkey God – Princess Iron Fan
Princess Iron Fan (Tie shàn gongzhu) is the wife of the Bull King and mother of Red Boy in the taoist’s Legend of Monkey God. She is a beautiful goddess living in an underground cave awaiting her husband’s return, but always angry at him for his affair with a foxy vixen woman. One day, she refused to lend the Monkey King (Sun Wu Kong) her iron fan to subdue the flaming mountains. The pilgrims encountered an extremely hostile range of volcanic mountains and could only pass if the volcanoes became inactive. Sun Wu Kong wanted to borrow her fan, but she turned him down as the monkey had been on bad terms with her husband before. Sun Wu Kong, however, was crafty. He transformed into a fly and flew into her mouth, down her throat, and into her belly. Once inside, the monkey kicked and punched Princess Iron Fan from the inside until she surrendered her Iron Fan to him. The monkey god then obtained her fan and removed the volcanic flames.

Weight 300 g
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