22K Gold Abacus Pendant


22K Gold Abacus Pendant
Material: Genuine 22K Solid Gold (916)
Color: Gold
Dimension(in): 0.6×1.0cm
Weight: 0.9g
ID: SL21023

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An abacus symbolizes mainstream income luck as it is traditionally used in computing for income and expenditures. In the long scroll Along the River During the Qingming Festival painted by Zhang Zeduan during the Song dynasty (960–1297), an abacus is clearly visible beside an account book and doctor’s prescriptions on the counter of an apothecary’s (Feibao). Used by merchants and traders to keep track of daily sales, it is thus associated with healthy income streams and managing savings. The abacus connotes having so much sales in your business that you would require its assistance to total up the sum instead of doing the summation mentally. For doctors, the abacus help them in their prescriptions of herbs. Thinking of ringing in more sales? Yes, the abacus is the answer. This auspicious symbol is used by tycoons, businessmen, shop owners and financial planners to signify too many numbers to calculate for their income. For those who are seeking to increase your skillset in summation such as in the fields of mathematics, accountancy, science and engineering, wearing an abacus can enhance your competency in these areas.

Note: This item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Please note that import of your purchase to your final destination is subject to local import regulation and may in particular be subject to customs duties and/or other taxes. For this, please directly contact the competent authorities directly to ensure you comply with import requirements.

Weight 280 g
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