Eight Auspicious Objects Bowl


Eight Auspicious Objects Bowl
Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Dimension(in): 3.6×3.6x2in
Weight: 150g
ID: SL20012

Fascinating, this bowl featuring the Eight Auspicious Objects is for discerning practitioners who intend to build your own “water bowl” and “wealth bowl”. To make a water bowl, all that is needed is an auspicious decorative piece containing fresh water from the tap. The water bowl is very effective in strengthening sectors of water (north) and wood (east and southeast) elements. Placing water bowls in every corner that benefits from water element is an advance practice by practitioners. The water bowl is also an excellent countermeasure (to neutralize fire threats) for objects of fire such as fireplaces, woodstoves, cooking stoves and ovens. The bowl with still water inside is also a “yin water cure”, which is a countermeasure to calm violent energies from Violent Star #7, shar chi coming from your neighbours and wifi energies penetrating through walls or ceilings from your neighbours. Next, if you intend to build a wealth bowl with this high decorative, ingredients to be filled can be real currencies (such as coins) and precious treasures of any kind as long as they express wealth.

Weight 500 g
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