Heaven and Earth Dzi Silver 925 Pendant


Heaven and Earth Dzi Silver 925 Pendant
Material: High Grade Dzi
Color: Natural
Dimension(in): 1.3 in Dzi bead
Weight: 50g
ID: SL18047

This superior quality dzi is set with genuine 925 silver for better durability. The Heaven and Earth Dzi symbolizes the energy linkage of heaven and earth. It possesses mystical power and increases one’s merit and virtue. When worn by human, it generates the trinity of Heaven, Earth and Mankind and serves to increase ones good feng shui. When this is achieved, one will become extremely fortunate in all areas of life. One becomes blessed with a good life filled with wealth, health, power, descendants, love and much more.

Note: This item fetches a higher price compared to other cheaper selections in the market due to the grade of the Dzi bead. The bead is made from far older and matured agate and possess strong and darker color, which makes its grade much higher, emanating more power. However, due to our low profit margin, the item is still offered at the lowest price in the internet market without compromising quality. They have been tested and guaranteed to give good fortune vibrations, by our own 3A pure pendulum. You can hardly find such quality available in the market, and they could fetch up to hundreds of dollars per piece for such quality. Also worth to take note that every piece of dzi is unique on its own because of different etch behaviour following the grains on different piece of natural dzi bead. There could potentially be internal grains, blemishes, imperfection and crack lines. Only fake beads which are scientifically manufactured can be repeated perfectly with similar design and colors. Item comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Item comes with a free metal chain.

The crystals offered by Feng Shui Bestbuy is cleansed by the singing bowl prior to customer shipment, to ensure refreshment of good chi when they reach you.

Weight 220 g
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