Pearl Blossoming ROSE QUARTZ Tree for Love


Pearl Blossoming ROSE QUARTZ Tree for Love
Material: Genuine Natural Rose Quartz and Pearl
Color: Natural Rose Quartz and Pearl
Dimension(in): 5x3x6 in
Weight: 500g
ID: SL17048

This love-wish-fulfilling rose quartz crystal tree is packed with over 50 pieces of the expensive grade pearl and empowered with 8 gold Chien Lung coins that guarantees the generation of true love that last forever. Extra expensive quality pearl is used to make this tree and they mimic flower blossoming. The pot with mystic knot symbols on the front and back is filled with gold ingots, the ruyi and unlimited amount of treasures to signify good fortune, wealth and abundance. This wish tree will invite more romance, rekindle broken relationship and culminate better chances of marriage for you. Display it in the Southwest to enhance your love life, be finding a partner or pumping the passion back into your existing relationship.

Note: This tree is made from genuine rose quartz gemchips and natural pearl. The item comes with a certificate of guarantee to authenticate the natural crystal and originality of make.

These fabulous crystal trees are specially designed to be a class above the standard crystal trees available in the market. Unlike the general ones, these trees are truly built to feng shui principles and claimed to be the best ever made in years. A good wish tree has coins growing from the branches and features a treasure bowl that produces all kinds of precious articles to serve as a broader source of fortune.The pot with mystic knot symbols on the front and back is filled with gold ingots, the ruyi and unlimited amount of treasures to signify wealth and abundance. The design, make, color, finishing and selection of stone quality are of the best grade one could find. If you are looking to pamper yourself and your loved ones, these are the ones you should be going after. Guaranteed more stunning as gifts!

“Twisted Eight” trunk consisting 8 branches

What Rose Quartz gem tree symbolizes and how to place this object?
Rose Quartz is the gem for love and marital bliss. The rose quartz gem tree with 8 powerful gold Chien Lung coins tied with ribbons would bring new romance, rekindle broken relationship and culminate better chances of marriage. This powerful love energizer would bring more passion in your relationship besides making you more attractive to the other party. In short, the rose quartz gem tree resembles a love wishing tree.

If one had visited cities that uses feng shui like Hong Kong (Tai Po Market) and Shanghai (Ee Yuen), one should have seen wishfulling trees where devotees throw written wishes on special red incantation papers with a mandarin orange. These trees are usually filled with wishes hung on all the branches. In fact, wishtrees have been documented during the ancient times as a powerful symbol to harvest ones wishes, be it for relationship, wealth, health, family harmony or passing high court examinations.

Wish Fulfilling Tree in Tai Po Market, Hong Kong

A recorded tale mentioned that Shang Ziyie was a fairy from heaven who came down to earth to marry a poor fellow Chooi Wen Lui. She used her magic to create a tree that could shed coins to provide daily needs for the household. This had made the family rich and everyone from the village benefitted from it also. The wishfulfilling tree is known to shed money when shaken. Normally it remarks the “God of Fortune presenting wealth and treasures to devotees who now have endless wealth to come”. Later people make the wish trees to be displayed in homes to represent steady source of income, specific wishes fulfilled and long lasting luck. Many ancient texts and chinese art motifs had shown wish trees having coins grew from the branches and featured a treasure bowl that produces all kinds of precious articles.

Ancient Wish Tree featuring treasure pot and coins

Display this love gem tree in the following areas to energize your romance luck:

  1. Display the item in the bedroom or southwest corner of living/family rooms to energize or rejuvanate your love life. It will create your love desire, thus enabling you to find your long term partner in life.
  2. Place it in places where quarrels always occur such as in the car or in certain areas to diffuse love quarrels. The item will calm your nerves and the bad quarrelling chi could be dissolved automatically.
  3. For those who are believers of 8-Mansions Theory, try to display the item in your personal Nien Yen direction to optimize your love luck. The gem tree placed in this direction will open your crown chakra to pass love energy to you.

The Crystals offered by Feng Shui Bestbuy is cleaned by the singing bowl prior to customer shipment, to ensure refreshment of good chi when they reach you.

Weight 1100 g
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