Accelerating Horse on Swallow


Accelerating Horse on Swallow
Material: Bronze
Color: Vintage Bronze
Dimension(in): 5.8×1.5x5in
Weight: 302g
ID: SL17031

Horse claims the strongest trigram of the I-Ching (Book of Changes) and is seen as the bearer of good things. On the other hand, swallow always herald good fortune and a prosperous change for the better. It always means good news is coming. When combined, the Horse on Swallow signifies speed. Horse is known to be a great racer, but with the help of swallow that flies, it glides supremely faster. This means if you desire to speed up any of your eight aspirations, the horse on swallow will serve as your accelerator. For example, if you desire wealth, besides placing wealth symbols in your SE wealth corner, you should place the horse on swallow there to accelerate and quickly realize your dreams. And if you desire to have children, besides having the pregnancy enhancers, place the horse on swallow in the west descendant luck corner to accelerate pregnancy. This applies for all the eight aspirations. On the other hand, for those who desire to succeed in overcoming crisis and be freed from problems as well as achieving success in any pursuits, you can place the Horse on Swallow to quicken the process. If you want quick fame overnight, place the Horse on Swallow in the south and watch for incredibly fast results. On the other hand, the 6 Emperor Coins connote “supreme wealth luck from heaven”. They are coins of the six most powerful emperors in the Ching Dynasty. The 6 Emperor Coins enable a man to harness his wealth because he is able to control his 6 emotions with the power invoke through the cosmic trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man.

What the Horse and Swallow symbolize and how to place the enhancer?
Horse is a zodiac sign in chinese astrology and one of the 7 Treasures of Buddhism. Its element is fire and its direction is in the south. It is therefore associated to fame, popularity and recognition in ones life. The horse is an emblem of speed, perseverance and success. There is a popular phrase used for centuries in a chinese saying “arrival of horse brings success”. This phrase is commonly used to greet people who wish to start a new year, a new endeavour, a new business, an important examination and an important project. In ancient times, the horse will be used as carriage for grand arrival of warriors who won battles, bringing back victory and all sorts of precious jewellery. This animal exerts very “yang” energy which signifies success, victory, strength, power, perseverance, speed and elegance.

As said above horse is associated to fame. Fame luck is an important aspiration of life as it is indirectly related to increasing income luck in your career life. Therefore, it benefits businessmen, salespersons, artistes and politicians who are likely to crave a lot for fame luck to ensure their fortune continue to grow exponentially, especially in this highly competitive environment.

On the other hand, the arrival of swallows in the spring heralds good fortune and prosperous change for the better with all the usual symbolism of springtime. Pictures of swallows always mean “good news coming”.

We recommend that you place the Horse on Swallow in appropriate places to materialize your goals:

  1. Place the Horse on Swallow to accelerate your 8 aspirations “in addition” to the specific enhancers in accordance to the bagua directions – S = fame, SW = love, W = descendant, NW = networking, N = career, NE = education, E = health, SE = wealth.
  2. To bring quick good tidings, great news and successes, display the Horse on Swallow coming into your home, important rooms or office.
  3. Display the Horse on Swallow on your desk to ensure your work is always recognized by your boss and your goals are always met quickly. It will also help you create significant differentiator between you and your peers in the hearts of management. It makes you run faster than everyone else. It ensures that your talents and hard work is acknowledge by the right people.
  4. Gain fame luck by displaying the Horse on Swallow in the south sector of your living room or family area. It will bring upward mobility in all aspects of your life.
Weight 500 g
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