Peacock Foldable Screen Art


Peacock Foldable Screen Art – Energy Infused
Material: Lacquered Wood
Color: Lacquer, Multicolored
Dimension(in): 18.5×0.2×9.3in
Weight: 562g
ID: SL17026

Featured on a foldable screen that decorates any table conveniently is “Peacock with Peonies and Bamboo”. The peacock is admired for its elegance, beauty and dignity and communicates rank and wealth, even more so if it is spreading its tail which indicates more magnificence is yet to come. This art containing peacocks denote “rank” and its accompanying benefits: wealth, power, beauty, admiration, protection and romance. Peacock is another manifestation of the heavenly Phoenix on earth. It has a thousand eyes on its tail which will activate fame luck, promote public admiration and bring positive motives from other people. The thousand eyes can also protect you from disasters and dangers. Besides, the eyes will also help to protect you against betrayal in love relationships. On the other hand, the peony signifies beauty, romance and the amorous feelings of youth. The presence of the peonies connotes a “love potion”. Ladies who display peonies in their surrounding will encourage libido of their desired man. It will bring out the excellent side of the female. Therefore, it is the perfect image as well for single female or bachelor looking to find true love. Next, the bamboo serves as a metaphor for youth and suppleness (easily bent), strength and endurance (survive any storm), as well as humility and a pure heart (hollow stem). The most celebrated plant in feng shui, the bamboo is a legendary symbol of longevity because it is able to live beyond a thousand years. It survives harsh winters and grows stronger with each passing season. The ability to bend without breaking shows strength in (apparent) weakness is the most important quality admired by Taoist and Confucian practitioners. It thrives during the good times and conserves energy and survives through harsh conditions. The bamboo symbolizes success that lasts. Its ladder-like segments is a good connotation of steps leading to the seat of power and promotion after promotion.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What Peacock and Peony symbolizes?
A picture of peacock was used as the official badge insignia of third and fourth rank civil servants during the early Ming (1391-1527) amd third rank civil servants thereafter. The peacock was also the emblem of the Hindu God of War, Kartikeya. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, peacock plumes became so ubiquitous through their availability that their significance was greatly reduced, but if you spot an official in a painting wearing a hat with peacock plumes bearing several eyes, you know you are viewing a personage of significant rank.

The peony is China’s Queen of Flowers. The only female emperor in China, Empress Wu gave them the name the flower “mudan”. Their popularity continued well into Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Peonies symbolize royalty, rank, wealth and honor and thus known as “fuguihua”, the “flower of wealth” and “rank or riches” or “honor”. Although peonies are associated with the “yang” principle, they are also associated with female beauty and embody more than a hint of erotic lushness. The peony symbolize beauty, romance and purity. The peonies when placed at home makes single ladies witty and charming, thus bringing many suitors to their hands in marriage. Displaying peonies in the bedroom is an enticement for sexual entanglement for married couples. Therefore, married couples should display them in the living room to lighten the effect instead. However, for those who want to encourage libido in their husbands can display them in their bedroom.

Romance Animals and their directions

Where to display the Peacock Art?

  1. Display it in prominent areas of your home, important rooms or office.
  2. Display it on your desk to ensure your work is always recognized by your boss and your goals are always met. They will also help you create a significant differentiator between you and your peers in the hearts of management.
  3. For those who are facing the public, you may gain fame by placing it in the south sector of your living room or family area.
  4. For those seeking for love, they can quicken the process by firing up the southwest with their fire element.
Weight 1000 g
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