Pen of Victory Baton


Pen of Victory Baton
Material: Metal and Crystal
Color: Stainless Steel and Clear Crystal
Dimension(in): 0.8×0.8x5in; 20mm Faux Diamond
Weight: 45g
ID: SL17022

This Pen of “Victory Baton” is studded with a large sparkling “wish diamond” to bring maximum authority, victory luck as well as literary success! Carry it in your breast pocket at work to boost your career luck and to empower your speech in meetings. The beautiful diamond baton has long been the symbol of crown and royalty. It symbolizes supremacy and has the ability to magnify luck of your surrounding, charge up good energies, bring out the outstanding qualities of the owner, increase ones power and actualize ambitions.The pen is inscribed with two powerful Taoist Magic Incantations:

  1. The “Career Success Incantation” will boost your career associated to the mainstream income (your business/career). It leads to maximum authority and career/business victory. Extensive promotion opportunities will be stimulated. It will cushion away negative impact of your wrong doings and put you back into the growth trajectory so that your progress will not be sluggish. You will emerge unscathed from the worst consequences. You will enjoy a more optimistic career outlook, development and luck in getting a promotion. If you own a business, it stimulates business recovery and growth.
  2. The “Confucius Incantation” is the ultimate symbol of literary eminence. It will boost your luck when taking examinations. It is said to be capable of removing revision obstacles, suppressing mental stress, increasing creativity, growing good characters and overcoming difficulties in expressing an important point. Some call it the “mantra of distinction” because of its ability to bless the slow and weak in passing examinations with record high results. This mantra will increase ones intelligence and improve ones studies. Students should keep it in your school bags, use it in your studies and examinations to attain academic excellence and win a place in the university. Those wishing to increase your self-development, further your education level or improve on writing skills will also benefit from writing with the pen.

Note: This pen comes with a free casing.

Weight 300 g
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